My summer is 3/8 over
2011-06-16, 9:08 p.m.

So... summer so far... It hasn't been great. I feel like I always do at this part of the year, that I work too much and that everybody has forgotten that I exist. It seems like I'm especially stupid lately, there has just been one incident after another for the past few weeks, and it's getting exhausting and so discouraging.
About 3 weeks ago, I went to go get the Elite truck and the Sweeper from the shop to take to Trevor who was in the NE waiting for me, I got about halfway down 114, and realized that my trailer was unhooked, and consequently kind of crashed into the truck as I hit the truck breaks. I thought I could just pull the truck ahead and hook it all back up and continue, but the crank for the trailer was kind of inbetween the hinge for the dump on the truck and the backing up lights... Darren had to come and jack up the truck and unscrew the hitch to get it all apart... Miraculously there was no damage to the truck or trailer, although I did spend an hour of a Sunday morning crying on the side of 114... in my favourite shorts. In all the time I stood there/and then eventually just sat on the sidewalk, I was already pitiful enough, sitting on the ground wasn't going to make anything any worse, one person stopped to see if they could help, he definitely had no idea how to get the truck and trailer apart, but he asked me if it scared me, and I thought that was especially thoughtful. But on the same note, I was on an industrial road, where almost all of the people driving by are men, and only one person even acknowledged me, well I think i was acknowledged, only because I was pulled over and taking up most of the west bound lane so people were having to wait to go around me. sigh
Thursday rolls around, I'm mowing a site I'm familiar with, hear a horrible noise, look down, and the blades to my mower are on the ground, Doug brings new blades, can't find the bolts to put them back on, Doug brings bolts, turns out I wrecked the thing that the bolts and blades go onto. Go Alli. Turns out I hit a cut off sign pole that the grass was covering, I was so mad I ripped it right out of the ground. So It was either the next day, or maybe the next friday, I'm at the shop with Trevor and Disgusting Mike, trip coming out of the shop and totally starfish on the ground, scrape my knees, hands and elbows. go me.
Monday this week, opening a trailer with Chris, trailer door opens, wood pallet falls out and hits me right beside my right eye, Congrats Alli you now have your first black eye and a bunch of scratches on your face. Wed, I'm backing the mower up, run over a bush and just demolish the already pathetic thing, Bruce was super good about, I just told him I wrecked it and that I'd put a new one in this weekend, and he was all "it's ok, these things happen" which is exactly what Doug said when I wrecked the blades. I'm wondering where the real Bruce went and when he will be back. I'm scared for his return.
Today it was raining, and I've been hating working with Nathan as the other crew leader on site on thurs/fridays for the past couple weeks, so today he goes to look at this stupid garbage picker I bought for the Walker, and i was half kidding at the time, and yelled to him to put it down, and came across as insane and hostile, and ended up having a quick yelling match with him and then regretting it instensely and immediately. I apologized, and he asked if I was getting my period.

In other news, Darren and I did our first test drive in our car search last week. We found a 2008 Ford Fusion that we fell in love with, AWD, with a sunroof, heated seats, just every option you could imagine. Turns out that there is a mistake that we thought was resolved on Darren's credit so they wanted 14% interest on the financing. I was so disappointed, but I supposed we'll just have to keep searching and try and get the credit issue fixed.
I had to book a rental car for us to go on holidays with, we are finally heading to Vancouver July 1-11, I'm pretty excited, but I look forward to holidays all winter, and then get all hesitant when it comes time to go, I have a hard time leaving home, such a home body! Well in typical fasion of summer me, I should start getting ready for bed. Everything takes me a while these days, I'm feeling so lazy and so directionless.

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