lets go spend all my money
2011-05-26, 11:11 p.m.

I love getting days off due to rain. I don't think I've seen this much rain in 6 years. We've been under a rain fall warning for 2 days. It's somewhat enjoyable, it's relaxing and kind of cozy. Even when I have days off during the school year, I'm always supposed to be doing school work, it's so nice to have these days to do as I please, although I try and do *something* productive every day that I have off.
But the downfall of this all... I have officially spent more than I have made thsi week... probably about double what I have made. I guess that's the downfall to working a lot and not having any time to go spend my hard earned money... I go and spend it all at once. We spent the long weekend in Canmore/Banff, so other than the hotel and restaraunt food, I bought a new bra and pair of capris (that I have been longing for for 4 years-honest) from Lululemon, a bunch of stuff from this jewelry-ish store, a bunch of stuff from the Body Shop. then yesterday I impulsively bought a pair of $100 jeans... a bathing suit top and a winter coat (for work, because the zipper on my 9 year old stopped working) and while I feel slightly guilty about spending that much money in such a short amount of time... I do deserve it don't I? to some degree anyways.
It's always about the quick thrill... Buying myself presents feels so good in the moment, then I feel guilty about it for a while, then give in to the guilt and enjoy my new purchases for a short time, then soon enough everything just ends up in a heap with everything else.

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