2007-01-02, 3:24 a.m.

Well it's 2007... Crazy... I started this blog 4 years ago now...
Back when I had readers/friends who also blogged.
I brought in to the new years in moderate pain after being rear ended on my way home from work.
The brand new assistant manager from work was with me... She moved here from Ontario like 2 weeks ago. I feel so fucking guilty. Like I offered to give her a ride home, and now it's my fault she was in an accident and all sore. Even though the accident isn't even close to being my fault. I was at a full stop, with my left signal light on, waiting for opposing traffic to be clear, and he plowed into the back of me. Lindsey said she saw him in the mirror and said he was going pretty damn fast and then she heard breaks screeching... And then I started screaming and hyperventilating. Funny that my gut reaction is to shreik, and not see if me/my passenger is alright
Here's the fucked up thing. It was 4 years ago TO THE DAY that I hit that guy at heritage/elbow. FUCKED UP.
I starting hurting pretty much immediately, it started at the back of my head, and moved down. Now i just feel sort of flu-ish and crappy, and when I called Lindsey, she said she felt about the same. I just ache everywhere...
So needless to say my New Years was not too eventful after that. My and Dare went to have fondue with my parents, and then kevin was supposed to call us, and he was gonna come drink at our plase. but he never called *haha stupid dink... imagine...* so we ended up just staying with my parents. and it was actually pretty fun. We had a few drinks, and my mom gets the giggles when he's had a few. so that was ammusing.
So what else... We were away from home for almost a week straight. 2 days at my parents then 4 at Dare's parents in claresholm. Came home for... i guess 2 nights and then stayed at my parents last night. Rico is soo attention demanding right now cuz he's been alone so much (we did take them to claresholm, but they had to spend new years all alone...)
We did a bit of post-boxing day shopping. Got a stand for our tv that we're getting tomorrow. *so excited* and darren got a new computer chair, i can't wait for him to kinda forget about it, then i'll steal it. and i got a new keyboard. It's soo nice and fancy, especially compaired to the prehistoric one i had been using before. It has all the buttons to turn my music on and change the volume and stuff.
christmas was crazy... darren's mom bought sooo much. She's soo beyond ecstatic about having girls in the family now. hehe. and Dare's brother Sean propsed to his fiance on xmas eve, so they were all pretty excited about that
So i think tomorrow i have to take down my very first christmas tree, I've tried to argue with Darren about it, and keep it up a while longer (like til Easter) but he's not too interested...

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