i sure hope all the concrete and weeds i've watered have grown
2006-06-06, 12:48 a.m.

Well... Tonight I paid my non refundable $100 deposit for the U of C, which makes me especially hopefuly that it wasn't a false negative that I got on the pregnancy test that I took on saturday night... So yeah I took my first pregnancy test, there have been enough symptoms for me to be suspicious, but they can mostly be explained by other things, but I screwed up my birth control pills, which may or may not explain where my period went. I don't know... I bought a pack of two so I guess if all else fails, I take another one in a month and not worry tooo much right now. Darren went down to the gym while I took to the test (I think he was more stressed than he ever could have let on) So yeah... Yesterday we got up and went hiking all day in Banff, it ended up being like a 14km hike, it took around 5 hours, and damn was I tired, my feet hurt before we even left the parking lot, and about 20 minutes in I was nearly in tears, by the time we got back to the truck, my feet were pretty much numb and my sock and boot were drenched in blood. Pretty sick, it hurts like fuck now. After our hike we went into town and went to the candy stores (we spend waay too much on candy but justified it because we never go out) and then went to the hotsprings, which were temporarily closed due to a "code b" (somebody barfed) so we went and got some dinner at mcdonalds and back to the hot springs. it was soooo amazing, just to lay in the hot water underneath the black sky, watching the dark clouds move past the mountains. It was just so relaxinb, i was pretty disappointed to have to get out and come back and face the city. the hike, (despite my feet hurting) was pretty nice, there were so many waterfalls just wound into the mountains, and the top of the hike, is this place called the ink pots which are like these weird bluey green ponds, apparently they were much more vibrant in the sun, but it was sorta cloudy. Each one is supposed to be a slightly different color, I hate to admit, but I was sort of disappointed, I hiked 7km to see them, I was expecting something a bit more dramatic i guess. And the weird thing is, we were like way up in the mountains, but they were in like a little clearing, it was actually quite prairie like, way the hell up there. Oh well, as I tell myself about everything I've been through/done/accomplished in the past few monthes... it was an experience.
On saturday we slept most of the day on my bed, and then got up and went to Lindsay Park (still refusing to call it talisman centre) for a swim, then we went to chinook and i got a new cell phone, I feel sad to give up the number I've had for so many years, but I guess I can deal with it, and I have 30 days to change my mind. I like my new phone, but i cant decide if it sounds alright. it is a camera phone, and now everybody i know could see a picture of neked darren from his knees to his shoulders if i cared to send it to them. hahaha me so funny.
bleh i just learned the hard way that it takes a looong time to put burnt cds onto my ipod and to name them each individually, especailly when i forgot what a few of them were. oh well. it'll be nice to have a huge variety of music for work tomorrow. I have to go to what Doug calls the ghetto to water, bleh. It's where I went for my first day, so I'm hoping it will be a btter day and that i can come up with some sort of technique that doesn't include me not being able to haul a cart full of hoses up the curb. oh dear that was terrible, i was actually starting to panic cuz i didn't know what i was going to do, luckily some kid stopped and helped me... or maybe im much much stronger now. lol maybe. but i doubt it. more tan, yes... my arms are getting pretty dark. well i have to be up in percisely 5 hours, so i had best get to bed.

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