2006-06-02, 7:21 a.m.

Ever since i've been watering, I've wanted to be on a crew cuz I get lonely. well today im going on a crew and im sooo nervous, cuz im inevitably going to be slow as hell and somebody's going to ride my ass all day (or want to and hold back so i don't tell darren haha) now i almost wish i was going with darren so that he could give me shit and there'd be less of a chance of me crying. plus it's supposed to be 28 degrees. im gonna die!!! yesterday wasn't nearly that hot and i drank 2 full liters of water. i kind of have to feel sorry for who ever is going to be seeing me in my ittty bitty little shorts (that were tiny to begin with, then darren shrank them a size or 2)
but im losing weight, and im starting to feel really good (except for my feet, they hurt)
and all else i can really say is i should have cut darren's hair off a reeally like time ago, he looks so sexy and i can't keep my hands off him. mmm sex. it's too bad that im sort of starting to think he prefers anime to sex...
and i also think if my hair gives me a bad a headache as it did yesterday i'll be shaving mine off as well this weekend. well i already want to (i just have to keep in mind just because he looks sexy as hell, it doesn't mean I will...) but i guess i need a better excuse cuz he's not really buying my plan at all.
hmm soggy cereal
work time. im pretty chipper for a girl who only slept from 1:15-6:30

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