2006-06-08, 7:32 a.m.

it's raining, and i feel like shit, and today will be my first day mowing. can't plant flowers in the mud, and there's no point in watering in the rain. so here i am. i am just hoping he'll send me out with Dare, which i'm pretty sure won't happen. I'm gonna need some patience today, to say the least. I hope nobody is expecting to me to be too quick, it's been years since I've even mowed a lawn, not to mention kilometres of lawn, in the rain.
What a shitty sleep, sadie puked at 4am so i heard darren up trying to clean up, then i was up at 6 looking for my advil. I didn't really sleep all night.
This cereal has gonna kinda mushy, it's nasty, but there's nothing else for me to eat. Any more coleslaw and I think I'll pop. I can't help but wonder if maybe I should be taking that 2nd pregnancy test, in the morning as was advised... Oh well not enough time right now to think about it. I'm thinking i'm gonna run out of gas on the way to work, which is gonna be fairly tragic, but i guess that's what i get for not leaving early enough to get some gas. ok really gotta get going. i need... a shirt. socks. jacket. and my steal toes, which are in my car. how do i get to my car and keep my feet dry. Maybe I'll get to go on chris's crew. i like chris. he calls me shuffles. (cuz I don't really walk as much as i slide)

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