2006-04-26, 10:41 a.m.

well yesterday was my first day as a landscaper... yup i went to work with darren. and im getting paid $11/hour to do it. I wasn't very tired getting up at 6:30 and i honestly thought that the worst part of the day would be darren getting all uppity about me making him late... we was about 2 minutes late, and i don't think anybody cared. but he was getting pretty mad. i kinda liked the early morning excitement of the people all over and the trucks getting loaded up. the first task he had me do was edging those little dirt circles that are around trees, fucking hard work, it took me forever just to do a few, and i learned a very important lessen, don't give the other girl the easier job and really expect her to trade up with you halfway like she said she would. so yeah i had done like 4 trees, and everybody else was done mowing, aerating, fertilizing and etc etc the rest of the site... so another guy tried to do the edging, and was no quicker t han me (made me feel better) and darren took over. next site. me and the other little guy (who also sucked at edging) put 25 pound blowers on our backs and blew all the gravel off the sidewalk and into the parking lots. sounds easy... it's hard to make stuff go anywhere other than EVERYWHERE when you're blowing it with extreme high power. but we got the hang of it after a while. but fuck that thing got heavy. and it doesn't sit exactly level cuz the actual blowing hose thing is attached to the right side so you end up pulling it out a bit. next site was where it sucked. and me mr. slow were sent to get all the leaves out of all the bushes and rock beds. without disturbing the rocks. so get going. not extremely quickly, but making alright time (despite him continuously trying to blow into me as well as into the wind....) and darren came and told us we weren't going a good enough job. so we go over it. he comes back. tells us we're going too slow. so he takes over... and we ended up just picking up the leaves and garbage etc. not a ton of fun. i was so pissed off bored and tired by the end. hey sounds like everywhere when i work anywhere else... and i just couldn't help but being pissed off at darren. not that he was giving me shit, i definitely prefer him to treat me like treat me like the other workers, except i think he's sort of a stupid boss. like he got mad at everybody for being slow, and would take over their job, but how does he expect anybody to get faster and gain strength if he doesn't let them learn on their own. his philosophy about it is soo bullshit, something like you'lll learn to go faster just to not get shit. but fuck. this is his 4th summer doing was all of our 1st and 2nd day.. what does he expect... and the fact that he was sitting on a ride on mower, and then pushing a little fertilzer spreader (easssy) then bitching at all of us... TIRED HELLO.. GRAH... but working with him was actually ok. it didn't create tooo much 'animosity' as Doug put it, i realized i'd rather get in shit by him, rather than by his friends, and people i've spent time with... i think my problem would rally be them complaining about me to darren... or them not telling me i was doing anything wrong at all them compaining about me to darren. i'd be so embarassed. so anyways... that's my rant there... it was nice to be outisde. something i don't get to do very much now that i live in an apartment. a ba;cany that 100 other people can see isn't exactly the same as havin a yard... i dunno if im going to go back. or when doug thinks im going to be there, seeing as i already have 2 jobs. i can't help but think im in over my head. why was i so insistant in going to work with him... just to see if he'd cave? whatever... and i bitch about working all the time, about how much i hate rona and garage (rona especially right now) but when it comes down to deciding if i want to quit one... i can't really bring myself to do it. the people at rona are just starting to irritate me. they're so desparate for people that they're hiring pretty much anybody. and some of those people are just dumb asses. and they can't keep any of the scheduling straight... everysingle day they don't have me working they inevitably call me and try to get me to come in. i stopped answering my phone (on the off chance i'm available to answer it anyways) but anyways.. i can't help but think that rico might be thinking of jumping off the balcony ... he keeps putting his head out pretty far...
so needless to say im pretty sore today, just my back mostly. but i'll go have a hot shower in a while. last night was the earliest i've gone to bed in a long time. i think i was fast asleep by just after 11:30. and woke up around 10.
i think the landscaping would be a bit better if i had music, but i'd have to get the big ear phone ear plug things, and then wear ear buds inside. but darren told me it's better to just concentrate on the job instead of daydreaming...
hmm today i work at garage at 2:30. i quite like working then. cuz i have all morning and half the afternoon to myself. it's almost like having a day off... but not quite. today i should probably attempt to concur the 4' deep clothes on my floor... i hate my closet though... it bugs me. so i never keep anything in there. just on the floor or in my laundry basket. or maybe i'm just lazy.

I got into the U of C!!!!!!!!!! I'm so fucking excited. I should be getting stuff in the mail anyday and then i guess i register for my classes and stuff.
ANd that's all I have to say for now. Time to get on with my day.

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