2006-03-29, 11:21 a.m.

so here i am. it's wednesday morning. darren's trying to sleep. and i'm wandering around in my panties and a t shirt, talking to myself, and waking him up every little bit to ask him stupid questions "what top should i wear today?" "how do my eye brows look?.. no darren you actually have to look, no look again. do they match? are you sure? so they look ok?" and i'm pretty much just having a running conversation with myself. it included a song. about how i hate closet doors. which i really do. i'm also hoping that the talisman centre still has their late night swim for $2 cuz i'm really in the mood for a hot tub. but i've also discovered that i prefer luke warm showers. ours gets as hot as one could ever desire, but i just end up turning it down and down again. i'm in a pretty good mood for somebody who's going to work... to a job that she didn't get paid from. yup. my pay cheque didn't come, there's a possibility it was in another box... but i wasn't allowed to look for it. if it's not there today the labour board will be hearing from me. i actually feel kind of stupid for even going today, it's like hey look. im an idiot. i'm going to a job that i'm pretty much working for free at... and i hope they know that my rent is due in 2 days. and i'm not really the type of person who can just come up with enough money to pay her rent... i have to save my cheques... i ALMOST have enough... but not quite. my direct deposit sheet was faxed in a month ago. and i'm still not getting direct deposit. i'm contemplating on whether i should have some of the left over fries from yesterday... or if i should have something a bit more healthy... an english muffin and some cereal...yeah i guess that's what i should have. and my lunches are amazingly healthy. i have a pita with chicken and mustard and some veggies. that's impressive. well it's time for the next step of my day... PANTS
*I'm not going to be late for work. I'm not going to be late for work*
Who am I kidding... I'm always late for work.

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