2006-04-07, 11:21 p.m.

The whole time thing is sorta off for me these days. In some ways it seems like it's moving sooo slow, then I look here, and see that it's been 9 days since my last update... It feels like I'm at work alll the time, even though it's not true. The time while working just passes so much more slow. It seems like my thoughts flow much more smoothly in the morning, I always seem to be in the mood to type when i should be on my way to work.
Work sucks, but my days off have been so much fun.
Laughing my ass off in Birks "Uhh can I help you girls?" *laugh*"no..."*laugh laugh laugh*"we're just looking thanks" good times. leaving less than nice messages on peoples vehicles in the wal mart parking lot. i swear the people at the southland wal mart are even more white trash rude assholes than at other wal marts.
well i went to bed with $49 in my bank account (not bad considering...) and woke up this morning with $614. i couldn't help but be impressed. garage FINALLY got my direct deposit figured out, after paying me 5 days late and ruining mine and dare's plans to go to Banff last saturday. my day at rona went faster than most 9 hour days, I had a count down for the lady who left at the same time as me all day. and then came the big news!!!!
I got a raise!!! i'll be making $9.75 an hour. which seems fucking awesome! except as i was leaving I was asked if i was going to quit at garage... and the thing is... i don't want to quit at garage because rona wants me to. i don't know if that makes any sense at all... but i want to quit on my own terms. and i've finally been there long enough that i can put it on my resume and use them as a reference.. and i know the only reason i'm still there is my 50% discount. but i have to admit i'm sure sick of being told what to do by dumb girls on power trips.
hmm well tomorrow darren has to work and im off... so i may try and return some plants to rona that i bought and they died, and it wasn't just me. my mom's died too, and she actually knows how to take care of plants. but i don't have a receipt. so i dunno... it's not like they were 2.99 plants, they were like 10 bucks each. and they look so sad. and i might go to garage and get a couple things.
i got some flower boxes and seeds and dirt so i can have some outside plants sometime soon. i was planning on planting them tomorrow. but according to my mom most people don't plant until may long weekend. so that's like 6 weeks...
which reminds me. ihave 6 weeks to reach my goal weight for right now. i bought a scale and i've been working out. i even went by myself the other night when darren was at tim's. and we've been going swimmimg at lindsay park at night. it's so much fun, and so relaxing.
bleh. my stomache hurts. it hurts almsot every night. darren bought me some rolaids. and milk seems to help. but im almost out.
hmm. *smiles*
I feel happy...sort of.

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