2006-03-24, 10:27 p.m.

This morning, at around 8:30, I was feeling particuarly inspired after reading my cousin's blog, to write something, and I was feeling pretty confident that I could have wrote something pretty good too. But I of course, was on my way to a place none other than work. I feel as though my life has become very repetive, everything revolves around work. I had a day off yesterday, and now I don't have another until next friday. I guess in the end, it will be good, it'll be nice to have all the money. I just added up my mandatory bills for each month (rent, insurance, cable/internet/phone, cell) And it all adds up to about $700 after my 3 monthes of my trial service on my digital phone is over, it's $30 now, but is $55 after the 3 monthes. I think I'll likely cancel it and switch to telus if I feel I need to continue having the home phone. It's nice because then I'm not racking up my cell phone, but it doesn't ring very much.. I wonder if I switch to telus if I can keep this number.
Now that I gave my financial babble... I'm slowly getting more and more depressed. It feels like my whole life revolves around work, and there's nothing too look forward to, other than going home at the end of the day, and then going back to work.
There is nothing to look forward to. Somedays Darren comes to have break with me, which is super nice. Helps break up the day a bit. He usually comes to pick me up as well, then we go to Superstore and get some stuff for dinner. It's so nice having food in our fridge.
We have some big big news. But I'm not really sure if Diaryland is the place to share it... So if anybody wants to know. Just ask.
Well I tried and failed. It really does seem like I have nothing to say.
We had a housewarming party, people came, we got drunk. Then they all left.
I'm sad. Nobody calls. Even when they say they're going to, when we have plans I get ditched. Whatever.
I'm getting depressed. Whatever. I'll survive.
I applied to the U of C on Wed. I was so nervous doing the entire application. Which is sort of weird. I was supposed to get a confirmation type email thingy today, but I didn't. That's ok. Monday I guess,

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