2006-01-29, 2:26 a.m.

This of course, was done by Kevin!!
This will just be short, cuz I have a small complaint.
Well as my last entry mentioned, I had not yet been informed of when my first shift at Garage would be, as I walked out the door of the orientation she said this "I will call you, and if you're not home I'll leave a message and you can get back to me within a couple of hours or I'll call your cell phone" So she didn't call, so by like 3pm yesterday I'm like fuck it, i'm going to claresholm. So here I am, at 10am, this morning, and my phone rings, I vaguely recognize the number, and don't answer it. But my brother just told me this "they said that there was no room for somebody who cant take care of herself and not to bother with them if you cant get your priorities straight" fuck that makes me so mad, I would have had no problem going to work this morning, had she fucking called me. Oh well, I'm pretty sure this means I no longer had the job, which I intended to quit anyways, but oops. I'm so bad though, I think I'm gonna call and tell her off tomorrow, like it's not her place to reprimand my brother because she's too boneheaded to call me. FUCK!!! My brother missed his math diploma exam last week and his teacher called my house and gave me and both my parents shit. So I guess he got crap for me, and I did for him. And that's the end of complaint.
Darren's parents took us to Lethbridge today, and they took us to this super fantastic dollar store, EVERYTHING in there was a buck, and they actually had pretty decent stuff, we bought 25 things, his mommy paid for it. Whcih was very sweet, but we'll try to pay her back. And also last week I told my dad I need a multimetre, and he was like yeah they go on sale for $10 at canadian tire, I told Darren this, so today we were at canadian tire in Lethbridge, and low and behold they were on sale for $10. I'm so impressed. His mommy bought that for me (us) too. We bought a lot of house hold products at the loonie store, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't yet know that we plan on moving in together in precisely one month.
Shit my stupid brother just told me that nobody from Garage called... Now I don't know if anybody did or not... SIlly brother.
Well the kittens are chasing each other through the house at top speed, the love the lino, that darren's house lacks, they skid out on it. And the entire kitchen floor is covered in cat toys. I put them all in a line to see what one they would take first, Rico just watched, and didn't tough a thing, then Sadie flew through, left the yellow mouse he had been playing with exactly in the line, and took an orange one. Hehe. We've taken like 200 pictures of them. I've used like 4 sets of batteries in Kevin's digital camera... oh And they were thinking about getting in the hot tub. Rico put his paw in, then shook it off and was scared by the water that splashed.
Ok time for me to go to bed. I didn't sleep well last night *surprise surprise*

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