domestic life...
2006-01-25, 2:22 a.m.

Well Darren and I made a rather large domestic purchase tonight, we bought our very first vacuum. A big fancy upright Bissel one, yeah that's right, it's name brand. And I put it all together myself, yup, i put in the 3 screws and attached the hose at both ends. I'm brilliant! And on that note, I might add, that every living being needs a ratcheting mastercraft screw driver, one of the ones with the clear handle that holds the various bits... So frikken amazing. Yeah Darren's brainwashed me, I like mastercraft tools, I've got a toolbox, as well as a bunch of pliers too (all mastercraft. oh yeah). Amongst all the other stuff I inherited from Darren and his dad as they've upgraded. The kittens have been sneezing like crazy, and Darren had this old vacuum that the previous renters from upstairs had ditched in the back alley, and he rescued, figuring it would work (for whatever reason...) so 5 monthes later, I plug it in, and it just sprays kitty litter every where. So, the old vacuum goes back to the alley and off to wal mart we went, to buy milk, a vacuum and kitty treats. Yeah we're like an old married couple already. And I couldn't be happier about it. So due to the sneezing, we had to take the kittens to the vet yesterday (and for their 2nd deworming) to make sure they don't have the contagious virus that is rampant in places such as the SPCA, she says they're ok, but now we have to put eye drops in each of their eyes and noses 3 times a day. And as Darren said "'s like wrestling with angry procupines" (altho we call porcupines "rosatrimes") they don't like it, to say the least. Which is why we bought the treats, to compensate for torturing them. Sadie is NOT impressed with Darren, when I left around midnight, he wouldn't go near him. darren's feelings are soo cutely hurt. He's really taken to the paternal thing, he remembers to feed them in the morning and lets them sleep on his chest all night, and he just loves them so much. Right before I got them I asked him something like "Darren are they what's going to a part of our future family?" just something silly, and he got all serious and was like "They are our family" And we also made a deal, i never have to clean a little box, and he never has to clean a diaper... I'm not gonna be cleaning any litter boxes in the forseeable future, but I have this feeling he's gonna be changing a diaper, or 10 000.
And I started at Garage last night, and was being trained with a girl from claresholm, and she was just so painfully obviously 18... I just couldn't help but cringe at how hard she was trying, just little 'funny' comments about everything, as well as adding in 'that's hot' and girl who was training us was prolly about 18 ish too. and just soo... BLAH.... sooo... i dunno, just again, trying too hard to be funny, and she didn't really seem to know what she was talking about, but had just more or less memorized it all. And she doesn't know when I work yet, or how many hours I'm going to get. So it looks like my job hunt will likely continue. Except... the secret is, right now I technically have a job, although I've only worked a total of 2 hours (she ran out of stuff to tell us and sent us home at 7 instead of 9) I was like umm. you could start telling us about all the different 'benefits' of the clothes, and show us where stuff goes, or how to work the computers... but whatever... i'll give it a couple weeks at least, everybody else there says it's a fun and easy job, and although they're about an average age of 17 and average iq of say... 15... But i promised to give it a try, and won't quit until I find something else. Although if they aren't going to give me enough shifts (or any shifts as it seems at this point...) I'll have to get outta there pretty quick. I was so excited to work with girls, but I guess most of my friends are more the... intellectual type. But I think I would have liked these girls... 2-3 years ago. hehe. I'm a bad person. And I type a lot. So now I shall go Now it's 5:09 am, and I'm JUST starting to get a bit drowsy. This is fucking sick, why can't I sleep at NIGHT like most normal people... Hmm well I just keep thinking about Izzie, and how I feel like im betraying him, by moving out, and by getting kittens. He started meowing outside my door last night, and I let him in for a snuggle, and I just feel terrible, I cried on poor Izzie. This is getting rediculous, but I can't get over how bad I feel about it. But on a happy note, my computer (formerly Darren's compuer) is all up and running, I'm going to keep it at his house for now though, I find that when I don't interupt his video game time (which is most of the time right now) he's much less likely to send me home. So he plays Dungeons and Dragons, or War Craft (I'm serious, and how terribly stereotypical nerd is that!!!) And I sit on the floor, and play the Sims, I'm addicted, My dude on there, his name is Bobby Jonses, has the most ripped body. But yay! My very own computer!! That's something I've always wanted! Turtle (the computer at my parents house that i normally use) is something I don't feel bad for abandoning... Argh. My mind won't shut up.

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