2005-11-22, 3:19 p.m.

hmm well i had no job for monthes and monthes, and now i have 2 jobs... and i don't seem to have the balls to tell either of them that i will be quitting(this is of course including the less desirable of the two) so i'm gonna see if it by any chance will work out that i will be able to do both for a short while. it would be so awesome if the pay days were on opposite weeks so i got paid every week! but something tells me that it wouldn't work out. especially not with school. oh well. i'll try.
hmm i took a contac last night, because my sinuss hurt (how do you spell the plural of sinus anyways?) and therefore spent the entire night in a half sleep/half awake state. it's the worst thing ever, you don't know if you're dreaming or thinking, or awake or asleep. so i finally fell asleep for real around 6 30 and therefore missed all my classes. so here i am at nearly 3 30 still in my pjs. and i missed my class yesterday as well because i had a dr. appointment at 2 15, my class ended at 1 50, and instead of driving like a human girl, i decided to take the bus, and no busses seemed to be coming, so i was late, and realized i woulda been to my appointment even earlier if i woulda gone to my class, and just driven my stupid car. oh well. oh and the worse part of it all was... i was only there cuz i thought i needed a refill on my pills, and it turns out i have 5 monthes left. so now i have 11 monthes. stupid me. oh well. so i was 25 minutes late for my appointment, and 30 minutes late for work, although nobody cares. i left my houe at about 1 20, and home around 4 30... what the fuck...
hmm well tonight d and I are having our pictures taken, that should prove to be interesting. so im gonna go have a little bath and start getting ready, and unload the dishwasher as my mother requested.
and i've decided my space blogs are hilarious, it's funny to read complaints about yourself/behaviour on there that people are saying. i have to laugh. it's almost like people are wanting an apology "i'm sorry i write things on there that you don't like" "i'm sorry i'm feeling sad" wtf
this is the end of my rant before i get myself all worked up over nothing.

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