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2005-10-26, 11:45 p.m.

Good things:
-Me and Darren just had amazing sex
-I have a sorta job interview tomorrow- I'm to drop off my resume and have a chat with who I presume is the manager or superviser or whoever. -It's for the portrait studio at wal mart.
-Gas prices are dropping
-I've been hanging out with PEOPLE!! Pen today, yesterday I saw both Braden and David

Bad Things:
-My dad drank all my coolers, yes this pisses me off
-Both Braden and David commented on my weight "jokingly" of course... coincidence nobody's ever called me fat... then 2 in one night? I think not
-My sexy black dress no longer fits
-My blue kids dress BARELY goes over my ass... It's now hanging from the smoke detector at Darren's
-Mike's being psychotic because I asked for MY blanket back

Now I think I know why I'm so apprehensive to see people from my past... They're going to see me, and go... She used to be so tiny... What happened? And hanging out with people you havn't seen in a long time seems to be awkward.
My female contact is so limited that I think I seem weird to a lot of the girls at school, maybe to anxious to talk... Before today I hadn't seen Pen in about 2 weeks, and before that probably close to a month. So other than me and Darren's mothers... The only girl i speak to regularily is Jade. And I have to say. I miss "girl talk"
Argh. I wasn't pissed off until I got home and saw not one... but two of my coolers sitting empty on the coffee table. And then Mike went stupid...
Whatever. I'm going to watch TV.

And hey you'd never know it... But the title of this entry is actually lyrics. Brilliant eh?

life - death