triple times 99.6
2005-10-30, 2:15 a.m.

Well i'm drunk. I remember around the time i turned 18, before ahdn after, i made a diarland entry every time i got drunk. but for a while they were too frequent. i aws drunk a lot around that time... i'mt alking to dustin on msn. and this guy who used to play in mike's band on the phone. and his name is mike too. my car is at darren;s.i simply adore this Mike character. me and darren went to the bacj alley tonight. he was a vampire with a kitty cape. for real. and i was a campire victim slut pink tutu wearing girl. dude. i so had a pink tutu and i loved it so much, i was going to sleep in it tonight, as well as my coat. but it broke. my will need repairs. but this tutu was the greates thing in the world. i was talking to this girl in the fabric line up in wal mart and she was making one. so i did too. i even wore my fishnets.but the truth about this things is that they don't even survive coming out the package without getting snagged. and i wrote my favourite little pleated skirt,i didn't think it was going to button up, because i've over fatted all my other cute clohtes. but i managed to sinch it on. but honsetly. this pink tutu is amazing.
and wanna know what pisses me off. even when darren is driving MY car, he can't even wait in front of my house to make sure i get in. i've asked him too before. even stupid dubetz did that. common courtesy as far as i knew. i do it for pen. and most guys do it for me.
whatever. i have to recieve some files now.

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