I lack cleavage
2005-10-16, 2:51 a.m.

Our one year anniversary. I got him to wear one of his dress shirts that I love ever so much, with his sexy jeans, and socks. and sandles (wtf) We went to moxies. We even had a drink each. Yumm. We were fairly broke, I had like $7, he had $11, so my parents gave us $26 ($12 of which they owed him) Then we went to Second cup, he read the news paper, which is kind of annoying... Why go out with another person if you just want to read? But whatever, it's something I'm going to have to learn to deal with, and also then to listen to the complaints about the news paper afterwards. then we went to source adult video and rented some porno (from the adult section) we got 2 (2/1 wednesdays) and watched about 5 minutes of each one, and realized it was gross, I had to ask him "so do you actually know you even like porn" "no" because I've found that we've shut off far more than we've ever watched... i find that it actually turns my stomach, and turns me off sex altogether.
He bought me 12 pink roses, they smell wonderful, 5 of them are still huge and in bloom, 7 of them are hanging upside down to be saved for all eternity.
Last night we went to a show, and the night ended in us being mad at each other. And then him sending me like 40 angry text messages. Text message fights are sooo fucking frustrating, there's nothing I hate more, you never can get your point fully across and you both end up even more pissed off. When Mike was too big of a pussy to phone me, he'd send me a text, and i'd want to fucking kill him. He FILLED my entire phone one day while I was trying to shop in Old Navy. WTF!!!
So he had to work today and I spent the day with Pen, cleaning my room, and before that I was sulking (I love you Pen!!) This wasn't entirely due to our fight, but also my parents. The more I fight with them, the more I realize that they're uneducated...
And I fucking hate that. There is nothing worse than uneducated people in my mind. Maybe i'm biased... but hey. Darren and I talked for quite a while tonight, worked through a few things. he thinks I should just move into his place right now. But as i explained to him, it would still feel like HIS house, and i was just living there, but I suppose it would just be temporary because there really isn't enough room for us both there. We resolved a bit. Sometimes when we're upset with each other, we just need to turn it around and change the perspective put each other in "our shoes" as they say...
Well tomorrow we are planning on going to the zoo, I think that would be good for us, get some fresh air, and the zoo always makes me giggle, especially the monkeys. Well I should go to bed, although this didn't really come out with the same level of coherency I was hoping for... but oh well it's 3:10 am.
And I think it's nearly time for me to get a job... almost, I'm just so worried that I'm going to get sucked back into HMV... Walking in to the signal hill location last week just felt too comfortable, it was scary.

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