Carol, you'd be proud
2005-10-11, 1:03 p.m.

Well I wrote a test from 11-12:20, and due to the fact that I don't have another test until Nov.2 I decided I would come home instead of wasting until 2 at school. My intention was to have some kraft dinner then put away my laundry and begin cleaning up. But instead I had some mashed potatoes, and I don't seem to be moving any closer to the laundry... Oh and to make up for life sucking right now, I'm having myself a smirnoff ice. Yup at 1pm. By myself. How lame is that... And i have a class at 2. I'm listening to Cuff the Duke, nice and loud cuz my dad isn't home. I was in Claresholm all weekend with Darren's family, and came home angry as hell, I guess I just don't want to be here. My parents, yet once again are putting the house up for sale, and are on a cleaning frenzy, and I'm lazy and useless. So I fought with them last night, and cried in my bed, and then took off to Darren's to watch a movie, then this morning, when I was trying to hurry to school for my test, my dad started yelling at me for not having a job. Then when I got home, he was being sickenly nice, but I had another fight on the phone with my mom. So here I am. drinking alone. I had much more to say before I actually started typing...
This weekend was pretty good, It was nice to see Kevin again. We stayed in the hot tub until like 1 am on saturday night, we were so wrinkly our "wrinkles had wrinkles" as he put it. good times. Me and Dare went for a long walk, and we saw a dead kitten laying in a back alley and it made me cry. It had to be the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life. It furthers my curiosity of where my cat is at this moment. I couldn't find him last night or this morning either... hmm i'm sure he's hiding somewhere.
I really don't want to come back here after school when my family is home... But I do hope I get a good parking spot at school... Just a thought. Darren said last night that we could get a place together when my parents sell the house. We've decided this numerous times, and keep changing our minds. Most recently he said he didn't want to live with me. But I think we should get a place at Southland and Boneventure. They're really nice apartments, we think we'd be able to afford it (i'll get a job) and it's close to a lot of stuff, i could work at wal mart and walk every day! WOW. hmm.. I expect I'll be getting a test mark back today... The last one I got back I was expecting like 85%, and needless to say i was unpleasantly surprised...
Well... Cuff the Duke is on friday. YAY. 1 year anniversary is tomorrow... hollly shit.

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