2005-09-26, 1:52 a.m.

We finally had our double date tonight, Ashley, Ryan, Darren and I. I admit. I was pretty excited about it. We don't have any other couples to hang out with. And it's nice, it gets weird me always hanging out with his friends (most of them are ok. but hanging out with the landscapers gets weird when I'm the only girl)
So we went to the cheese cake cage, I thought about getting a wowi-maui. just for old times sake, but i didn't think it would be quite the same. then we planned on going to play some pool. we went to this place, and darren didn't have ID, so they wouldn't let us play. So we returned to my car. And I had locked my keys in... So there we were. My dad wouldn't come bring me my spare keys due to him drinking, and having no signal lights on his truck. grr. so we walked to safeway to get a coat hanger. No luck. A crack head showed up to try and help. me just standing there grimmacing as they try and bend my door and hearing the paint scratch... a cop shows up... he just checked the registration, wanted to know which one was Catherine *grrr* but he didn't ask for ID or anything... he worked at it for quite some time with no luck.
darren was very well behaving in front of the cop. no pig jokes or anything. finally we called the AMA, they said up to 90 minutes, and were there within 10 minutes, and had to fix another car in the same parking lot... kinda funny i must say.
And the funny thing about this all... Ryan hadn't locked his door. I told him that he obviously didn't know me at all, locked his door, and locked and shut mine... I'm sure kicking myself over it now...
But the point of this all. Other than admiting my embarassment...
Is to thanks Ashley and Ryan for sticking around and being so nice about my fuck up. And to my baby... I love you so much...
Even though he tries to avoid this diary... It's nice to put it out there sometimes
Thanks to all three of you.
And good night.
Alli tired.

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