2005-09-07, 1:54 p.m.

Here I am, back at school, in a lab. Looking at how shiny my hair is, and how light.... Weird. I used that supposed color enhancing shampoo "brilliant brunette" or something to that effect. And it looks like it may actually be working... Interesting.
Today is only the 4th day of classes and I already have my books, I got them yesterday, pretty impressive. Last semester I think it took me a month, just got them in time for the first mid term. This semester is showing potential. I think I can hack it.
I can't help but think my cell phone isn't working very well. Numerous people have told me they've been sending text messages, but I sure havn't gotton any.
So Pen and I are going to "trapse around the world" as her mother always puts it this afternoon. We're going to go downtown, so I can return a former coworkers spongebob boxset. We seem to be having too difficult a time meeting up. And I'm going to try and return some shitty mascara to superstore (note to females-don't buy revlon "lash fantasy" it's shit) So i am very excited to see Pen. I don't think we've hung out in like 6 weeks. Sad i know. SO i am off. TO pick her up
The shift button sort of sticks on this dell keyboard, sometimes making me get 2 capital letters in a row.
Good bye. Nobody.

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