11 monthes...
2005-09-13, 1:19 a.m.

Well Darren and I have survived 11 monthes. And we're both still alive. Perhaps not in the same precise form as we were 11 monthes ago... As my mind becomes more occupied in the things I'm learning at school, I find myself less irritated (and probably a hell of a lot less irritating as well), it's getting easier to let things pass, as opposed to my frequent nervous breakdowns. And it's also good to be hanging out with people again. Female interaction is good. Necessary. Me and Pen hung out last week a couple times. We just laugh about stupid shit. And step into puddles not knowing that they're practically knee deep. I think my shoes are still recovering in the heat vents in my living room. Good times :D And this morning I got out of bed 2 hours early to go to pilates trial class with Ashley. But as we were leaving the change room, I realized that i forgot my dollar in my locker, and then I forgot the combination... So yeah by the time we got there the class was full. So we just went for a quick work out, and then for a frozen yogurt. yummmm. Well worth the $3.25 (that's the first one i've had in my entire college history so I figured I deserved it) Darren says I probably subconsciously missed the pilates class on purpose. Intersting... I wonder how much validity that holds.
I fell pretty good right now. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should go to bed and get 7 hours of sleep, or watch Gilmore Girls from 2-3 and get 6 hours of sleep. I'm assuming sleep should take priority? Good call Alli, and I'm pretty sure it will be a re run. But the new season starts tomorrow YAY!!
Darren has finally returned from Mackenzie Towne, so I can continue rationing my precious fuel in my car. This is me trying to make my student loan money last all semester so I don't have to go get a job. hehe. Not a good plan I don't think. I may go work at Bently with Ashley. The idea of having like EXTRA money, just sounds sooo luxurious to me right now... Like I could go... and get my oil changed in Morti, and it turns out he probably is on the verge of needing CV joints... Morti's limbs (tires or something) are grinding. And Damien is ever so desperately needing a tire. Poor Damien, sitting in front of my house, looking so sad on his spare tire. So that's the story of my sad vehicles.
So yes... Back to my previous thought(I'm quite wired right now, for no obvious reason that i can think of) So yeah Darren's back so staying at home. And it's soo nice, last night and tonight we turned the fireplace on, and made a big bed on the floor on front of it at watched tv/a movie and snuggled. It was soo warm and cozy. Lately I can't really decide if he's distracted and upset/thinking about something or if he's having a problem with me. I know there are often outside factors in relationships, but I can't help but feel... I had a term for it... Emotionally Rejected, as well as Physically Rejected... He denies a problem. But it kind of hurts. And it's so sad to know, that there may be a problem, but I can't know about it, which means that I really can't fix it...
I'm such a teenage girl. Everything has to be soo good all the time or else drama arises... Oh well. Life is good. What else can I really say?
We are even planning on hanging out with another couple (Ashley and Ryan) on friday night, I couldn't be more excited. So it's almost 2am. I should put myself to bed pretty quick here.
Good night all.

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