cranberry juice
2005-06-22, 11:47 p.m.

it's funny how when you're missing somebody, everybody you see looks like them. i've seen about 30 Pen's today... but in reality i have seen or heard from 0 pen's. interesting...
i have a whole bunch of days in a row off now. i was so excited to go out and do something tonight. everybody seemed to be more in the mood to go to bed... bah.
a guy offered me a job answering it's probably no for real, but it sounds interesting enough.
people have phoned me tonight, that's kind of exciting, darren called twice, david called, cuz i called him on frikken saturday, and kevvie called and braden called. i'm so popular... not really. nobody wants to hang out with alli.
no pity party tonight. im going to finish listening to this song, because it is amazing (download Staring at the Sun by TV on the Radio)
it's so weird to be doing things on my own, that i always do with a certain somebody else, but i can't get the nerve to ask... the bottle depot was closed the other day, i was kind of expecting that though.. takes 1/2 hour to drive up 17th ave during rush hour.
so tomorrow my plan :visit sparkles at work, take my bottles in, possibly deliver slurpees to darren and kevin at work and then in the evening me and d are going to check out west side (we're investigating gyms)

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