crazy weekend
2005-06-27, 2:08 a.m.

wow. i must say this weekend was sorta and darren decided to take ourselves 'on vacation' as we said, and go to canmore last night and stay in a hotel, go swimming all that sorta stuff. his buddy he grew up with shows up, total pot head guy, i could swear he's related to Dubetz. earlier that day Mike (the friend) had been 4x4ing and some guy allegedly threw a rock through the windsheild of the jeep he was driving, so he decided to get revenge and we went out and... well pretty much totalled their huge catepiller tractor thingy, (i only threw a glass bottle at it, my need for chaos and destruction must have been temporaily at bay) while mike and darren ripped apart the fuel filter and injectors and a bunch of shit, and smashed the windows. (mike was driving, WHILE drinking, which is not something i'd ever experienced before, he drove alright, but it leaves me thinking, is it more stupid to get into a vehicle with somebody who is drinking, or to drive drunk yourself??) so we go back to the hotel, get absolutely hammered and all of a sudden mike leaves and returns with these HUGE very intimidating looking native kids (i'm not being prejudice, it's just a fact) and they had some lil pinners, so we passed em around. wasn't very much at all, but it was quite acceptable, it turned out they were on their high school grad weekend from lloydminster and their chaperone later came and yoinked em out of our room. so we just hung out, darren and mike played guitar, until the hotel man came to tell his to be quiet. so we went to "the ho" as they call the bar in canmore, i was too plastered to really be even some what aware of what was going on. but d hates the bar so we left, he was carrying his guitar and we were walking on this lil bridge and this dude stops him to play a "diddy" so he plays, a group of people quickly surround him. and somebody left $20 in his guitar case, we were pretty impressed. somehow, and after some large amount of time later, we ended up back at our hotel (we were walking, in the dead of night, pissed drunk in a town we don't know) and we all crashed. well this morning... we went for a quick hot tub/water slide (oh yeah we're all classy and shit) and d and mike too plastic chairs down the water slide <--*i do not know these boys* (at this point most people were removing themselves and their small children from the area due to Mike's profanity and yelling) and then i thew up for the rest of the day, like more than i ever have in my entire life. i'm not sure if it was the drinking last night or something i ate yesterday, but good god, darren kept making me drink fruit punch gatoraid, therefore i left bright red piles of puke ALL OVER Canmore, "and you will find alli by the trail of puke" i then proceded to sleep in darren's (very tiny) truck for a while in the safeway parking lot and began to feel a bit better. but shit, i was getting really scared, i don't think it could possibly be humanly safe to throw up that much. and i didn't really drink THAT MUCH!!!
and on other news, i took my 2 weeks notice into my store on friday, my new manager looked personally wounded, and then i proceded to feel really bad, but i guess i had to do it while i had the nerve, cuz i have to move on, it's been too long, i don't fit in there anymore, and as long as my name isn't cassandra i never will. so oh well. i applied at a landscaping company, and apparently their work is supposed to be the worst in the city, so i'm thinkin their standards might be lower and i'll have a better chance of getting on. hehe it would only be temporary... but still. and im going to apply at best buy/future shop, maybe ikea, and i would also like to sell ice cream with sparkles. im not sure this was the best decision, but i'm sure i'll survive...
so all on all my weekend was nice, any night i get to spend next to darren makes me a happy girl, i was pretty choked about mike being along on our romantic get away, but it was alright.
*so in love*

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