2005-06-22, 1:56 a.m.

tonight's drive home was quite beautiful, most of the drive is high above the city on a ridge overlooking everything. the moon is completely full and there was lightning flashing randomly throughout the sky. barely any cars on the road at all until i got closer to downtown. normally i'm terrified of lightning, but tonight there was something beautiful about it. i've noticed that being... well in love brings a certain amount of contentedness (is that a word??) to a girl... like today, there i was sitting on cement in a dress, on 9th avenue during rush hour in the extreme heat just watching the cars go by (there are a lot of BMWs in this city... i guess that's why nobody seemed impressed to see 2 little girls driving one) but it was all good... all the time i get more and more sure of knowing that this is forever, and the idea of it, being with Darren makes me smile... when we talk about marriage and the future, i get excited.
well i'm coughing a lot. i'm going to do my pilates now, and then go to sleep. i have a goal, i have to lose 10 pounds soon, and then about another 7 to follow. i think me and D are going to start going to this uber fancy place up in coventry hills called cardel place, i'm pretty excited. and when we went up there tonight to look around we found a lake, it was really pretty, and there was this tiny tiny puppy who really liked me. it's name was winnie.
you'd actually be surprised that this is the clearest my head has been in days (and it feels wonderful i might add) and this whole entry is still a whole bunch of random gibberish crap.

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