your pain is not special, sometimes it's soaked in deceit.
2005-04-05, 3:02 p.m.

well... i just found out i got my first GST cheque, $112. fuck yeah! this is a great help seeing as how broke I am and how my last few and next few paycheques are lame beyond belief. But oh well. My car seems so close to being done, I'm ecstatic, and it's especially good because my Morti is running worse than ever, it's so loud I can't hear my music at a normal volume, so I turn it up. And Girls.... ditch the vibrator, cuz my whole front seat shakes like nobody's business. Kidding.
Couple interesting tidbits... a complete loser (and not like "oh he's sooo not cool, i bet his jeans are from wal mart" sort of loser, but a real out and out loser) has moved into my basement. And if you guessed it was Adam... then you'd be right. Sparkles had a minor thing with him, he lived with Tatum for a while, he used to call me all the time and come stalk me at work. It's been alright, but I keep waiting for him to smoke up down there or not pay his rent, my dad will go nuts. I warned him. And Darren and I ran into DIRTY BOBBIE at wal mart the other day, with the hobbit-like boyfriend in tow and a little girl in a stroller. and get this... he told me she was cute. DIRTY BOBBIE!!!! i'm disgusted beyond belief, I don't think I'll ever see him the same way... And what else is super awesome... Oh well the most attractive girl he's ever met in his life has started working with him again. fucking fantastic
i sound like SUCH a jealous girlfriend, well.. I am. so there. I said it, I admitted it.
and so now i'm going to go home and do some school work until darren is off work and then we're going to work on my car

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