2003-05-10, 10:33 p.m.

Things I am not, and observations.

I am not...

An athlete

A model

A stoner

Anything out of the ordinary

--->I have noticed that "emo" people and "punks" seem to dislike hippies.

All that smart

Extremely beautiful

Wanting to be labled as ANYTHING

A calm person

Things I am...

/Very much in love

/A crazy blue eyed girl (in love with a crazy blue eyed boy)

/Eatting a candy necklace

/Writing a letter

/Thinking about tomorrow (a surprise!)

/A drama queen

/Lost in regards for the future, except for who I want to spend it with

/Wanting the phone to ring

I'm in a much better mood right now. Me and Jordan walked to Wal Mart to buy mothers day stuff. I spent ALL my money (all $10 of it. hehe) on my mommy. I feel very generous. Considering stupid brother didn't buy her a thing. STUPID BROTHER!!!!!! We walked all the way to wal mart, and I found some stuff, and he bought his step mom a card and some gummy worms, except we ate most of the gummy worms, but he said he was going to give her the rest of them (riiiiiight... what a funny boy, I think he's still fucked up from last night) We sat on this hill by the gas station and chatted about gay people and music and ate gummy worms, then went to his house for a few minutes so I could get my movie that he's had for monthes, I hadn't been in there for so many years, like 6 or 7, and it was like a rush of memories, it's so odd. But I am now..

Going to have a bubble bath <--this is correct! CHA CHING!

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