2004-10-14, 9:45 p.m.

alright mike. you want to know wants going on in my life? i try to keep my life out of this diary as much as possible maybe to try and spare your feelings or something... but here goes
i have a boyfriend. he's not you. and for the first time in soo long, i feel cared for, like i matter. not a burdon to somebody's dreams of being a "rock star" i told you straight out what would happen when you went on tour, and you pretended you didn't hear me. and i was serious. starve yourself for that chick, see how much respect you get out of that, you're not going to have a flat stomach. drink yourself dead, cut yourself to shreads, smoke until your lungs are black and do so many drugs you can no longer see straight. that's what being a rock star is all about right? self destruction. casual sex. digging yourself an early grave.
so yeah my life is great. i havn't been this content in years. i'm not drinking or clubbing much. going to school, working, listening to a lot of music. i spend most of my spare time with darren. i don't know if things could be better. if there is any more about my life that you would like to know. let me know, cuz i'm more than willing to share.

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