2004-05-06, 12:51 a.m.

I have some goals. And I have to accomplish them in order to bring back my feelings of worthyness towards myself. I'm not sure that sentence necessarily makes sense but I think what I'm trying to say is made clear enough.

These are my goals for the upcoming monthes:

I'm going to be nice.

I will treat my boyfriend and my best friend the way they deserve to be treated.

No being a bitch to the boy, or ditching Pen.

I will be happy at work, or find a job that makes me happy.

I will get my 240, I will earn it, and I will NOT crash it.

I will go to the gym.

I will feel good about myself.

I will get more sleep

I will save some money, and pay off my visa. (DAMN VISA TO HELLLL)

and most importantly. I WILL DANCE MY ASS OFF. EVERY WEEKEND.

I'm fairly excited about these goals, because i think they are broken up enough to be somewhat accomplishable. is that a word? But I am also very excited about the fact that I won a LIMO RIDE to the Whiskey next week!! I've never been in a limo, whenever they park outside my store for all the weddings and stuff downtown, I whine about it to all the boys. And I've really never won anything either!! Does anybody want to come? I have room for 6-10 people including me.

Well I have 14 hours down and only 24 more to go this week. My bank account will thank me.

I would like to start using this diary again. But the way I see it, that as I have gradually lost interest in myself over the past few monthes, I have also lost interest in writing about my very boring life. I guess it's not that boring, considering that if I had my choice I would be doing NOTHING this summer, like NOTHING NOTHING. I guess that would be boring to some. But after going to school full time for the past 8 monthes and working through all of that, all I really want to do is sleep. Watch movies, snuggle and dance. Well I best be off to bed.

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