2003-12-15, 10:50 p.m.

just a ditz lost in a small town, "uhh how do i get across the highway to like where the warehouses are" "go straight turn right at the end" my boyfriend is a rock star. you think it would be cool. he plays good music, but it's less than glamorous. "intense" my mom-"i spilled my food"me- "did you have the plate sideways?" *mother laughs* and says "when did you get so stupid?" there are these like huge straw deer outside the childrens hospital by my house, and i was looking at them the other day and i gasped, my mom was like WHAT?!? "i thought they were real!!" "i'm julie" "i'm eva" "i want a job with the word girl in it, like shooter girl, or bay girl" haha bay girl... it's so funny. nobody ever knows what it means. i hate my job. i CANNOT wait to quit in a couple monthes. have to have enough money in my bank account to make my insurance payments first. go go go morti it's your birfday, we're going to drink bacardi like it's your birfay. i love you peanut. last night was so fun at that bar place. we should go there again and have cheap drinks. it was sweet.. this is all just random crap from my last few days. I am not in the mood to play boost carol's self esteem again tonight, and surprise surprise. that's what carol wants to play. she's BEGGING for compliments, for me to tell her she's pretty. normally I don't mind. but not tonight. I'm bored, which is making me kinda depressed. Just want to talk to somebody, other than psychotic carol. she thinks the world is based on looks. and i only can say that it's not cuz she says im attractive... where is she from? that's fuckedi don't really understand where she gets these ideas. and she's frustrating me to no extent. today i told mike that i was a lot happier when i didn't see her cuz she brings me down. i think it's true.

mike's leaving again... AGAIN... last christmas me and Josh got to be depressed together while mike was gone. this time... it'll be me. EVERYBODY is going to be gone this christmas. reed to california, pen's going back to vancouver, chandi's going up to ponoka. it sucks. im gonna be bored. cept for the fact i'll be working like 1000 hours next week. argh.im borrred... oh well. i'll find somethign to do.

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/hallway/pictures/allibirthday/ birthday pics!!!

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