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2003-07-24, 11:10 p.m.

yay!! now my diary is pretty. i've been trying to make one for monthes. but im just too damn stupid. so my wonderful amazing beautiful cousin did it for me. hehe. it was a tough choice between numerous depressing ones and this one, she helped me decide on this. Prolly a good choice. It's pretty. But possibly too pretty, it may end up being this black and grey one later.

i've decided that being 17 is one of the more frustrating aspects of my life at this current time. I'm still at the same basic stage as all my friends, but I'm 4 monthes short of being able to hang out with them, and it's really depressing.oh well. i'm going to have a huge thing at the ranchman's when i turn 18, and im not going to invite the people who screwed me over cuz they turned 18 first. haha. prolly not really.

i have come to the conclusion that part of my problem is that i feel sort of like a small child is at the disposal of others when i become an inconvienience. I'm not really in a good mood, but not as bad as some of the recent ones. My plans for tonight got canceled, but that's ok. It's just that once AGAIN I'm spending another weekend alone...Maybe I'll spend the night under a bridge or something, just for kicks. hehe. this is stupid. I'm going to work on my song. and all the stuff I am to send to Ullis this week. bye all.

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