Awake the giant
2003-05-02, 11:14 a.m.

Everybody should listen to the Salads, I think so, I think so. YAY my phone is rining. I answered it. It was Tatum. She wanted to go get something to eat, but I don't feel like eating anything right now. I have had this anxious/uneasy feeling in my stomach for the last couple days now, and at times it makes me fairly nauseus, I keep feeling that somebody is going to die or that something really bad is going to happen. By the end of Wednesday afternoon I had myself fully convinced that Mike was dead. I don't know how I fabricated that in my mind (fabricated is my favourite word right now) But it's so horrible, and today it's slightly faded but something is still not quite right. Anxiety is very frustrating. It just won't go away. I should be at work right now. But I'm not. MUAHAHA. I gave myself a day off to go to Mike's show this afternoon. I'm very excited to see him play, and I'm excited for him. It's gonna be wicked! MY boy is in the show! YAY!! Sooo wicked. Except I had SUCH a hard time finding somebody to go with me, prolly cuz it's pretty far and it's kinda too expensive to go see a bunch of bands you've never heard of. I wouldn't pay $10 to get into it if Mike wasn't in it. But I got so sad last night trying to find somebody to go. I was like awww I'm SUCH a frikken loser. But sweet little Tatum said she would love to go, that was the plan all alone but there was a chance she was going to have to go to woork. But she's fun, it's gonna be awesome. Oh god. I'm sooo happy it's the weekend. It felt like this week dragged on forever. Now it's time to relax with my sweetie boy. FINALLY something to look forward to. hehehe Didn't even tell a soul that I wasn't going to work today, just wrote "Alli off" on the Barbie calender. That calender makes me laugh, except supposedly it's not professional enough so we have to keep the big picture thing folded underneath. That's just stupid though. I tried to clean my room last night, I made a HUGE mess, it's 10 times worse than it was before, but I have to move everything in order to vacuum. And in the next couple weeks I'm going to pull out all the furniture and vacuum and stuff. There's too much dust in there, it could be part of the reason why I've been sick pretty much since February. oh And there is cat hair. It would be so amazing to breath again. Well I'm thinking I might take a little nap, maybe for an hour or so, then clean for a bit, eat some lunch if I can then tell Tatum to come over then go out to Airdrie. YEE HAW. hahaha. Sooo funny... Going to Airdrie by choice. *laughs* I got to spend some time with Sparkles today, that was nice, because it seems like the only people I talk to any more are Nola and Mike and then just all the acquaintences at work. But I'll get to hang out with Tatum all day. And i got invited to another show which is either the 9th or 16th, I'm not really sure, it's in a book store, which is neato. Wanna go to a show in a book store Mike? Cuz Andrew is pretty cool. well... Sleepy time.

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