big steps and big changes
2013-07-18, 10:10 p.m.


We bought a house. A cute, tiny little bungalow in Cranston, we take posession on Aug 23. And we are on holidays in Victoria from July 27-Aug 3, so once we come back, it's less than 3 weeks. So scary and so big.
I have moved ONCE, from my childhood home to this apartment where we have lived for 7.5 years, so needless to say I am scared/nervous/apprehensive etc. My stomach reminds me of this every time I eat... I haven't eaten or slept well in at least a week.
The entire process has been such a roller coaster. We first saw the home last Saturday, thought about it for a few days, I went in on the following friday to put in our offer, to be told that it had been taken off the market because the owners decided not to sell. So we are looking at a very similar house in a different area on Sunday, when our realtor tells us that if we make a good offer we might be able to get it... We went a bit above what we were hoping to pay for it, but we got it... And then on Monday night, right as we signed some documents, we went to a meeting for Elite, a business opporunity that I insisted on being a part of purely for the fact that I wanted to be a part of something, I wanted to be involved and included. It didn't end up going so well, so Doug is buying our shares and absorbing the debt and the company into his big company... We came out a bit ahead, but it also means that we have the money for start developing our basement and to buy a bit of furniture, a washer/dryer (which I am almost as excited about as I am the house...) Then today I go for the home inspection, everything went very well, I keep waiting for the bomb to drop... But it still hasn't happened. So we are just finishing up, and the inspector is showing me how to remove the windows (why... I do not know) and the alarm goes off, we don't think much of it, the realtor presses a few buttons, we carry on, finish up and go outside... And the cops show up. I guess the alarm goes right to the police station. I thought this was funny, so typical of something odd that would only happen to me.

So things are good, things are moving fast. And I can't help but let the fact that my 23 year old cousin (the only person I am related to that I have any resemblance to at all) is pregnant with a baby girl. It's still not me... I thought a house would help distract me from all of that for a while, but it turns out that it's still what weighs on me and what is important to me... I am so ridiculous.

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