2013-06-26, 12:56 a.m.

So here we are, nearly a week after the state of disaster was declared. I haven't worked since last Thursday, and only the finance team is being called in for Wednesday. The mayor is still requesting that people stay home, but the boss has called us in. We were also told that it could take a couple hours to get there. I am not excited about this part. I don't mind going back to work (as much as I love being at home doing next to nothing... I tend to get a bit neurotic) but I am really not looking forward to a stressful commute twice a day for however long it takes them to get the train tracks repaired. The tracks around Victoria Park station look more like a roller coaster than c-train tracks, it's unbelievable. There are shuttle busses that are going to be running instead of the regular train route, and I am not looking forward to it. I honestly thought about walking, but google maps says it will take 2 hours and 3 mintutes. I have to hope it will be faster than that on a bus, but I guess we will see. I just hope I get a seat so I can at least read and zone out. It is supposed to get pretty warm at the end of this week, so super crowded busses sounds terrible.
I am kind of hoping that we can get the cheques out tomorrow, and I won't be asked to return until Tuesday, fat chance but I am still hoping for it. Friday is supposed to be on of our earned days off, and Mon. is a stat, but I don't know if any of that still applies since we just had 5 days off.

In unrelated news (which I feel like I am kind of yearning for right now...) we have finally started house shopping to some degree. We have our names on a list to find out when the next phase of building will begin in Cranston, but when we found out there was a wait Darren regressed about 7 weeks worth us disgussing and decided he wants to buy a big old run down house that needs work. Kill. Me. Now... But I got a recomendation for a realtor from Doug, and hopefully he can get us connected to some decent properties, and if not, then there's still the new home.

Well it's after 1am, and I should get up around 6 to try and make it downtown by a decent time... sigh...

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