2012-11-23, 4:31 p.m.

Today was my last day as a landscaper. Well I am technically still on call tomorrow, but it's not supposed to snow so it looks like I am done. For some reason this was really hard. When I finished my last site Doug was thanking me and telling me he had something for me and all this, and I just couldn't stop crying. I cried from where we were just off Glenmore and Elbow, all the way to the little house up north, and then most of the way to drive Cristal home, and some of the way back south on deerfoot. I have been so unhappy during snow removal, so tired and just so brutally beaten down and exhausted so I don't know why this is so hard. Even after 2 easy days of 3am wake up, I was just exhausted and feeling terrible last night. I slept from 9:30 right until my alarm at 7 this morning, and I was still so tired I was sure that it was actually 3 and I forgot to change the alarm.
Anyways, I'm done and onto my next thing... I feel like I am counting on not liking the office job, and already being so sure that I will be back landscaping as soon as spring clean ups start, but I don't know why, I haven't even given it a chance. Maybe it'll be perfect and they will give me a lot of raises. hah. Although I am pretty excited to have my own desk and stuff. I never really got that while student teaching and it was annoying. My first year I had a desk, but it was covered in rocks for a good chunk of the year, and the second year, the teacher told me I couldn't leave my stuff at the table she had originally given me... so that was a blast. SO yeah, a desk... and I will get to be clean all day, although I'm sure after 2 weeks of business casual BS clothes I will be longing for my landscaping clothes. Which are currently in the wash so that I'm not storing dirty clothing until whenever. I'm just that productive!!

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