My last day of university
2012-04-13, 1:22 a.m.

I have officially completed my lasy day of university.
The day went seemingly normal, I didn't choke up or fear too nostalgic. I took one last look as I headed for the train station.
Just to look back on some day (I don't know if I ever will... but hey)
So my day went like this
Darren currently has a hurt knee, so I went to Tim Horton's to get him some lunch. He wanted me to take him to the dr. but I didn't... I went to school and left him with the specific instructions of calling me if he needed me to come home (also mentioning that I likely wouldn't be home fast or sober...)
So it was pretty rainy this morning/early afternoon, I was kind of excited to be wearing my rain coat, which I also just realized I wore on the FIRST day of my B.ed. Kind of interesting that my first and last days were super super rainy. I also wore my fave american eagle jeans (because they are actually the right length for me), my plain black lulu hoodie with a black tank with a bright blue one over top. and navy blue bootie shorts, with white polka dots. my white adidas runners
so i went to class, it was short, and fairly pointless, we filled out course evaluations and met in our Blackboard groups to "play a game" which was just guessing acronyms and was also pointless..
So me and Sheldon head to the Den. It starts as just him and I, and within a few minutes there was a ton of people there, I didn't know anybody other then Sheldon and this guy marc who sat down for a bit, but it seemed ok. There was this particularly beautiful guy who I admired from a distance all through the program who I ended up chatting with for a while, and I made the mistake of telling him I was "just" an elementary generalist, and that I have a BA in "just" soci. And he kept saying "don't say don't" I really ended up enjoying his company, he really made me feel a lot better about the whole thing about not getting a job. I had been texting Pen a bit through the afternoon and mentioned that he was there (he was gorgeous enough to mention to her, numerous times- except now instead of calling him "guy with the bun" I know his name is Terry) so she was like liquid courage, go Alli! So i kind of just blurted out "wanna go for coffee?!" which made things ubbber awkward, so he kind of stammered for a bit, and was like "uh yeah I'm in a very committed relationship" and i was like "ME TOO!" and then he seemed ok with it... I have his phone number, and he has mine, but I'm fairly sure I will never hear from him, but that's ok.
So we drank at the Den for... a while. I guess it was probably like 8 or something when we left
And then the night started to remind me of a night when I was in grade 11, a night when me and Megan and some girls stayed at school late to see Battle of the Bands, and then went to Moxies for dinner. A night when I was so happy to included, to be doing 'teenager' stuff. this night felt like that. A group of 6 of us (terry included) all ended up trekking across the city from the uni to the science centre. I really had no interest in going to the science centre and had the intention of staying on the south bound train and just going home, but I ended up at the science centre (sheldon paid... thank goodness, as it;s $20 to get in, and it was an hour before close) I was still too drunk to really participate in anything, or really care about what was going on.
we had to walk from the zoo station to the science centre, so my feet were SOAKED by the time we got there, and then having to walk all the way back didn't help either. Everybody else was going to wait for a cab but I was antsy to get going (terry kept commenting on how he wanted to leave because at least then he'd be making progress, I was like YESSS, somebody gets it!!) and i hate paying for cabs
So on my *last* day of unversity, I went out with a a bunch of people. In my last few weeks I made an actual friend to hang out with outside of the education context.
I still can't get over how much I loved this year/semester purely based on the fact that I had friends. It felt better than I could ever describe.
Well I'm pretty sure I'm still drunk, and I may be getting a call tomorrow to go out for breakfast, so perhaps I should sleep.

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