2011-02-09, 11:15 p.m.

Ryan ~ Vernon says:
I always think of you as little Alli but I guess you're all grown up now and out on your own hehe

Alli says:
haha I always wonder if that's how people think of me, because it's kind of still how I think of MYSELF, then I'm liek WTF am i seriously 25?

I always wonder if that's the way people from my past think of me. And while it is somewhat endearing to know that they still think of me as somewhat of a child, I hope that with that, they forget that I was neurotic mess of a teenager. Not that I'm any less of a neurotic mess at 25, I just hope that people realize that I have grown up to some degree, and forget how tiny I was back then, so they don't realize how big I am now in comparison. lol
It's also funny to think that me and Ashley met Ryan in the food court of TD Square, 9 years ago, I was with Will at the time (or so i thought...) but I thought Ryan looked sad, so we approached him, talked to him, Ashley took his number, but I got it from her shortly after, and we've just always stayed semi-in touch over the past years. Also odd- I was 16, he was 21, now it seems sorta weird-and ballsy to some degree

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