2009-02-25, 12:35 a.m.

I was approached by Bindu Suri of Global News while in Mac Hall today, and was asked a few questions about slogans, I sort of babbled about nothing specifically related, then worried for the rest of the day that I would be on the news sounding stupid beyond belief. But interestingly enough they showed one of my answers that was actually somewhat intelligible. I hadn't even made it home yet when my mom called excited beyond belief "YOU ARE A MOVIE STAR!!!" I had no idea what was actually broadcasted at this point so I was sort of nervous to actually see it, I have multiple break outs on my face, I am soo red from acne cream, I was tired, and I had iced tea on the ride side of my hair. HAHA. But yeah I ended up being pretty happy with the outcome, my mom said I looked bright and happy. And I got a message on facebook saying that I looks like my university education is really paying off. That made me feel really good, and I think my dad would be proud to see that. I feel so happy about something so minor, I think all that was shown on the news was me saying something like "I think Alberta is in a pretty good position compared to many other provinces in the current economic situation." give or take.
i had something else to say, but it's gone... long forgotten. turns out I'd rather watch Leno, my refound love.

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