things to be happy about
2008-10-08, 11:06 p.m.

-i got my other filling today, meaning i am done with dental work for the year...
-i am about 2 paychecks away from paying off my credit card, I'm so glad I have common sence, they just raised my limit to $7 800, that is insane. i have been trying to pay it down for years, and then get broke at christmas or the end of school year and get back up higher than ever, so right now I've been putting 75% of my paychecks on it (while my student loans cover the bills)so if I can pay it off while I'm still working, then not have to worry about it, that would be such a huge load of my shoulders when money gets tight. i feel soo relieved. and Im so close to being there!
-we are contemplating a trip to edmonton in the next few weeks to celebrate our 4th anniversary, likely our last 'dating anniversary' before we get married. kind of strang to think about. i so badly just need to step away from all of this, do some shopping, have a good meal, relax with my Dare.
-and on a totally unrelated note, it's getting cold, i put the winter blanket on the bed tonight, turned up the thermostat, sealed up all the windows that have mostly been open since abotu April. work was sooo cold today, and of course Chris was wearing Darren's extra hoodie... time for me to start hauling around some extra layers. being cold through the morning left me chilled all day, including sitting through a dentist appointment, and spending an hour in the hot tub at the pool. i am still cold. winter is coming
as much as i don't feel like getting up and going to work (or school) in the morning these days, it's also going to be soo nice to have a bit of extra income. it's pretty much what's keeping me going right now, just knowing that I can buy myself a well deserved gift if I were to see something that caught me eye. -and just a random bit of msn conversation because it made me feel good Glory Fades says: i also refuse to take money from my parents... Run From Fear, Fun From Rear says: that's good though, that's really impressive, i'm really proud of you, you know that? Glory Fades says: that makes me happy to hear. i really appreciate that Aly Run From Fear, Fun From Rear says: i mean it, you're working harder than almost everyone i know and you're totally self sufficient and you're doing a hell of a job of it, i'm really proud of you sug

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