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2008-05-21, 8:07 p.m.

so as soon as work started it seems as though i sort of dropped off the grid, as Chris said the other day. i always have so many things i plan on putting in here, so many things i want to say, to process and think about. just get out there. and by the time i get home every night, i have no energy left for blogging. mostly i just stare blankly at the tv until i get enough energy to go to bed.
other than working horrendously long hours, and somewhat frustrating days at work, things are alright. while having a particularly annoying afternoon today i was thinking about whether i'd rather be working slave labour for 11 hours a day, or going to school and studying all night... it's a tough call, i havn't decided yet. by the end of the summer i'll be thrilled to get back to school. and at the end of the school year when imbroke and fed up i'm always happy to get back to work. i got a raise, I make $15/hour now, my first cheque, which was for only like 6 days, and one of those days i only worked from 2.5 hours, i got like $722, so exiting. i treated myself to season 6 of Gilmore Girls, and I'm going to get some stuff from La Senza cuz Erin said they have an amazing sale on as of yesterday. I'm going to get some nicerjeans at some point this summer too, I think I'm going to try Guess, they're a bit more money, but hopefully they'll stay up, my flat ass prevents my pants from staying on. so annoying. the whole world has seen my ass crack.
so for the first time I'm finally on like a regular cutting crew at work, I'm working with trevor and courtenay, starting yesterday. it wasn't a great day, slow going for sure. and i was trying so hard to make a good impression and be a good crew member... i put mix gas in a regular gas mower... i know it happens all the timebut i felt so stupid. I'm not sure how long I'll last on the cutting crew, Courtney annoys me after certain periods of time, and she eats really loud. and she gloats, it's drives me fucking mad, but she always has to rub everything in my face, like when she gets to ride the machine, which I don't know how to do, when she's on it, she drives by me and waves and shit like that, it's like FUCK, i can see you, i watched you get on the machine, i know you're there. and she always has to reminds me how Mike said she's the strongest girl in the company, i don't remind her that she also has like 75 pounds on me and Robyn. this really wasn't supposed to be a bitch about courtney entry, but i really feel like i need to get it out, and not fight with her. but the other problem with the crew is that Trevor is in charge, and he's only 19, it's his first year running a crew, and he's still getting used to having abit of "power" and he always has me doing stupid shit, like just for the sake of telling me to do it a lot of the time. him i can work on though. i'm pretty straight up with him when things aren't working. yesterday i told him that he's not allowed to announce at the beginning of the day that "it's going to be a long day" it pretty much ruins my day instantly. and i told him if he was going to keep making me do his bitch work i would just tell him to go fuck himself.. after working on huge crews through the past few weeks, i've realized that as bored and frustrated as i was last summer, it's so much easier to work alone, i really did get used to being by myself all day for the most part, when i bump into somebody with my rake or something im always so surprised.
oh my god im excited for the sex and the city movie!!!! like beyond words, it looks amazing!!!!
haha i feel like such a dork. im sitting here with my laptop on my legs, but i can see the tv above it, so i can watch tv at the same time. haha. darren's dad gave me a wireless router, i'm so excited. not that i need internet ALL over my house, but it is nice. now im really enjoying having my laptop, i was unsure about it before. it was so nice to have it in claresholm this past weekend too
today when i woke up it was pouring rain, so Bruce told Darren to go into the shop for shop work, and I could go if i wanted, which i didn't. so i went back to bed, got up and started making plans to go to the mall with courtney (see I really do like her, just things about her bug me, i'm not used to being around girls all day i guess. i dunno. im too critical) and we were getting all excited making plans, and we get called into work... but it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, so i guess we'll try again tomorrow if we don't get rained out... tomorrow is gladstone day. yuck. and trevor said he's going to put me in charge of the mowers, which sounds like chaos. they don't want to listen to me.
im not sure whether or not i should be bothered that i havn't heard from ANYBODY since i've beenback at work. for the most part i'm too tired to care, but i can't help but wonder if anybody has noticed or cared that i have in fact "fallen off the grid"
haha one of my favourite episodes of Friends is on, the "Monca bang" one. now i think im typing for the sake of typing.

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