Warning:This entry has a lot of profanity
2007-03-31, 11:29 p.m.

I hate my "boss" I hate my "boss I hate my boss" Fuck. I only used the "C" Word for a very breif while, and I very rarely have used it since, but Lindsey, is most definitely and thouroughly the "C" word to the fullest. She's competing with the worst of the worst.
I've hated here since about day.... 3 or so. But now I fucking hate her guts. She does so many annoying retarded things, just to prove a point, or to exert her "power" but now I have realized that she isn't paying us for time we stay late. How fucking gay (and not to mention illegal is that?) So I'm furious, and she knows she's doing this, and she thinks it's totally ok. And since she already hates me, I have no problem going in there to stir shit up, and tell her I'm going to take her to small claims court (I'm more than likely not going to bother, cuz I'm really lazy, But I love threatening to take people to court, it's worked in the past) AHHHHHH I'M MAD!!! And Friday is a holiday, meaning I don't have school, also meaning that if I worked I would be getting stat pay, and what does she do, books me for a fucking 6-10 shift, when I have the whole fucking day... And I asked to be off by 3 on Saturday, she books me til 5... But the stores staff hours got cut, what does she do? Takes away my Wednesday shift. I cannot wait to quit... It's gonna be the best day ever. Especially if I can get a reference for Carieanne and/or Krista, so non of my potential future employers ever have to know this beast exists.
If I didn't need/want the money I'd quit right now and just be broke for the month... But I don't think that will work at all.
And... I've been asking to be a key holder for a long time, since around Christmas, because I thought it would be good experience, and would look good on my resume. And Lindsey keeps telling me no no we don't need another keyholder. And then I find out today the new keyholder they hired is this dumpy little elf straight for the ghetto of Ogden... High school drop out, been in fucking juvie, massive criminal records, and then they want this 17 year old girl to be a key holder when she graduates. She's only been there for MAYBE 3 monthes... I've been there like a year and 3 monthes. Whatever, I've been trying to work hard, and be on time every day, Obviously it's not doing me any good what so ever, so I may as well be as pathetic and useless as the majority of the other girls.
Just must keep reminding myself, that I'm almost done, I can put my 2 weeks notice in verry soon, and if it gets really bad, it's gonna turn into 1 weeks notice. I'll just live on my freaking mastercard for a few weeks if I have to.

But on a more positive note, I've actually been going out and doing stuff and seeing people lately. Me and Pen have been doing fun and exciting things as well as me and my more fravouritest Lindsay, the one who isn't my boss that I hate. getting out makes me feel a lot better, instead of sitting in front of my computer and being pissed off every/all night. Me and Linds went to Molly Malones last week, and hung at her house while drunk, it was wicked. and last night me and Pen met up with her and her friends at Schanks for a while. Sadly though I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to vodka... Oh well, I can drink beer. I don't mind.

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