wanna move to BC
2006-09-29, 12:16 a.m.

It's been 17 days... My entries are getting further and further apart.
I am OFFICIALLY engaged. Darren bought me a diamond ring, last wednesday. Exactly one month after he initially proposed. I absolutely love it, there's something about it... I just can't seem to look away, it's just so big and so gorgeous. The same cut and fitting as my earrings. But twice as sparkly. It's actually 3 diamonds. When I figure out how to upload a picture from my cell phone, (who's to say this will ever happen) I will post a picture. (kind of unfortunate that somebody I used to know lost a comission on a fairly large sale) I'm not really sure how the 'typical' girl feels in this situation, but I feel as though I should be feeling something... different from what I am. I guess that since it wasn't exactly a surprise, it's hard for me to be in a state of shock. And also because a wedding is so far off.
We survived our trip to BC, we got along in perfect harmony. And got to see a lot of places we'd never been to before. We both absolutely loved Nelson, and found ourselves looking at real estate listings on main street. It will likely be much more afordable for us to live there than here in the future. Huge beautiful houses there are under $300 000, compaired to around double that here. the balcony on our hotel room had a view of the lake, which is huge and gorgeous. I did a lot of staring at it. When we drove in, it was already dark so we didn't realize the town was situated on this lake, but as we were settling into bed the gleam of light reflected off the water, but it was so much more amazing when I saw it in day light. We got to town on saturday night, it took us quite some time to find our hotel... So we just watched tv and went to sleep. On sunday we went for lunch and then to find this hippie market, the market was closed, which was sorta sad, but there was this beautiful water fall beside it, so I just stared at it and Darren climbed it. My little monkey. The whole town is just so chill, full of hippies. I'm not really sure if I could see us living there or not.
I finally ran into 2 of the 4 people I've been watching out for at the University today. One is one of my oldest friends, I met her in kindergarden (16 years ago) and when her mother passed away ni grade 10, we sort of lost touch after she moved away. But nonetheless I'd always consider her a dear friend, and I was very happy to run into her. Even though our wedding is not for years, I feel like I should have my brides maids in mind at least. And since one of the ones I'd been planning on is no longer a part of my life, I've realized that I have to rethink my friendships and the trust I hold in people. And just since I've known Amy pretty much my whole life, she'd always sort of been in the back of my head... And I also ran into my cousin Lindsay today. It was nice to see her, just such a warm face in a crowd of strangers. Although we have drawn apart over the years, she's somebody... who I know I'll always know... she's my blood, and I'll always be happy to see her.
I spend so much time in a sea of strangers, that seeing a familiar face makes me so happy. And although things have been sort of... different for Pen and I for the recent monthes, it feels so good to be spending time with her again. Like a part of me that has been missing for a while, kind make appearances every now and again. Like my little bit of sillyness that has tucked itself away, can peak out every now and again. For instance, when told to make a list of my own characterisics (or something of the sort) for our social psychology today, knowing that only she would be reading mine... It looked like this. short, ugly, fat, stupid, retarded, UBER ugly, non-sympathetic, abusive, demanding and bossy. We got a pretty good giggle out of it, but little do we all know, I often feel like I do resemble many of those traits... She added UBER MALE and lumberjack to my list as well. And I added something about body odour to hers. It was a simple moment between the two of us, but it was fun, it felt like old times, like the former me (maybe the real me) could come out, and put the Alli who has to be grown up, to the side. (my real list (with Pen's help) said this: talkative, empathetic, silly, toughtful, humerous, intelligent, interested, obnoxious, short, and girl) We also went to the career fair today, not that we're looking for careers, but they had a lot of free stuff, so we went for that pretty much, and nobody was interested in hiring any people like me, taking english/education, so we told them I was in marketing... I'm not really even sure what a person taking marketing would be learning, or would do in the future. LOL at us. We laughed a lot. Sorta scamming people into giving us free stuff, highlighters, key chains, a mouse pad, and oodles of pens. We SOOOO beat the system... My bag was considerably heavier than it was on the way to school this morning. It is time I move to bed now to watch CSI, although I havn't managed to stay awake through it for quite some time now.

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