2006-09-06, 11:15 p.m.

So tomorrow I go to University 101. while walking through Mount Royal today, I made the somewhat sad realization that my college days are over, and I'm onto an entirely different portion of my life. And now I'm quite sure what to make of that. I'm scared, and nervous. But I'm excited, that I'm moving on with my life, and actually making progress to securing a future.
Of the 2 people I know who are transferring to the U of C for this fall, neither of them are going to the orientation with me. While from one "friend" this is none other than expected *yawn* and the other has to work, which is disappointing.
Pen showed me around a little today, showing me where my classes are, so I'm not totally baffled when it comes time for me to get to my classes on monday. If these locations stick, I'll be happy, and somewhat surprised. I'm hoping that the orientation will help start to familiarize things in my head a bit so I can start visualizing where it is that I'm going. But 2 days of 8:30am-5... Geez, do they really expect me to stick around that long? The part I really dread is any sort of group activities and games and what not. Just not my idea of a good time. I'm more one to stand in the back of the group and make sarcastic and quite possibly rude comments to those with more team spirit than myself.
I have to get up around 6, which I'm really not looking forward to, but somehow I'm telling myself it's ok to stay up and watch tv until I see fit.
And what I'm dreading more than any orientation or games of any sort is returning to Garage on saturday. BLECH. Fuck. I havn't worked a saturday there in an extremely long time, and I know I didn't do too well in the crowded store. Oh well, it's not like I'm particularily attached to the idea of working there any more, I'm more than ready to move on, so I figure if it comes down to it and it's really bad, I simply leave. And fuck them.
Well it's time to begin getting ready for bed. So think brave thoughts for me in the morning.

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