This morning she was just a mild mannered smoking baby
2006-06-29, 10:45 p.m.

i had one of those days today, that makes it hard to imagine coming back and doing it again tomorrow... It was just... a bad day. I mowed worse than I did on my first day, slower and just plain pathetic quality. I'm sun burnt like fuck, and covered in misquito bites. My crew leader didn't say anything but the other girl on the crew who is normally pretty cool (entirely materialistic and a spoiled princess... but she's alright) decided that she's waaay better than me all of a sudden (she is always waaay better and everybody knows that but she's not normally a bitch) she just sort of rubbed me the wrong way this afternoon. And then the boss came and picked her up at 5 so she could go to her basketball practice while we went to another site. I didn't get back to the shop until 7:40. Nearly a 12 hour day. Again. I want sooo badly to not go back again, but then I remember that i have to do SOMETHING, and there aren't many things i can think of that will pay me $12 an hour. And then I look at my arms, they're so dark I barely recognize them as my own. The rest of me is just fucking burnt. Even the backs of my legs. So I guess on the plus side I'll have a tan in a few days
Friday=pay day. It'll be the biggest cheque of my life thus far. Prolly $900. So I can pay all my bills with it, and then spend my cheque on the 15th frivilously (or... pay off my credit cards)
Well I'm using aloe like it's going out of style so I best get dare to rub me down before bed time...
Happy Canada day
(the subject headings as of late are just humerous anecdotes from my days, as pissed off as I was all day, my crew leader and this other guy are absolutely fucking hilarious) Read: Steve mutilated a doll... And kept it around alll day. And named it Suzie, it was much more ammusing than it sounds.

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