2006-06-26, 11:28 p.m.

we are now home from our first trip to edmonton. There's nothing like spending a weekend in a half a million dollar house that will remind you just how white trash you are...
Needless to say there I wanted less than to return to this city, to this apartment. I miss living in a house, with a yard, in a real neighborhood, instead of being in a humongous complex, filled with other trailor trash people who never speak to one another.
Growing up as my cousin did, I just can't understand why he made all the [bad] choices that he did. Like he has all the resources and support... and he choose to do nothing until the age of 24, and now he works night shift at home depot. What the fuck. My parents have no money, so I'm putting myself through school, just so I can gaurentee myself a future of some sort. He makes me so mad in so many ways, but I guess I have to look on the positive and see how much better he's doing than he was not too long ago.
We did some shopping on saturday night, and I quickly realized that I love Abercrombie and Fitch, which is stupid expensive, as well as Hollister, which is a little mroe affordable. We then went to see Silent Hill, and my advice for all: DON'T SEE IT!!! I wanted to leave after like the first 20 minutes. Then yesterday we spend the entire afternoon in the waterpark, I'd never been before, so I decided i had to make the best of it, and ride EVERY slide there. 2 of them were just waaay too scary, and on both of them i hit my head, and on one of them i screamed. silly me.
So after a 12 1/2 hour day on friday, I'm reeeally dreading going back to work tomorrow. In the 30 degree weather, it's too hot to breath, not to mention push a fucking mower. I'm some how doubting that i make it as a landscaper past this week. It's just gonna be tooo gross I think. We'll see...
I should probably go get ready for bed now.

And my goal for the upcoming weeks is to clean our apartment up, and start doing some actual decorating, like get a little color scheme for the bathroom and stuff like that. If I have to live here I might as well not feel like i'm trapped in a shit hole..

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