Yesterday was the day Steve trimmed a bird
2006-06-24, 9:32 a.m.

so it's 9:30 am on a saturday, this is pretty weird for me i would say. Especially considered I worked a 12 1/2 HOUR DAY YESTERDAY!!! that is sooo fucked up. i had never been so tired and so sore as i was last night. Me and Rachel agreed that it had to have been one of the worst and longest days of our lives. My hands are so sore, stiff and puffy i can barely move them, I can't even budge my ring, so I guess once the swelling goes down, I probably should take it off and not wear it to work anymore.
BUT HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS!!! DARREN GOT ME A RAISE TO $12 AN HOUR!! Doug said it was an "oversight" that I hadn't been rasied earlier, but I think it was his way of saying, "oh i was hoping you wouldn't realize you're the only person still making 11" Darren got a raise too, he gets $18 now. His reaction to that- "I'm just glad I'm making more than Pen now" hahaha
So we're going to be leaving for Edmonton pretty soon. I'm sitting here in my favourite pleated skirt that is a tad snug (I'm hoping it will stretch out a bit of I wear it for a while) and my flannel Tigger PJ top. I love the skirt so much, it's like the comfiest thing I've ever owned and it's my favourite traveling skirt, so I'm hoping i can wear it today.
My arms are sooo fucking tan, I'm pretty impressed. But I have white hands from wearing gloves hehehe.
And yeah, Steve trimmed a birds leg off yesterday, it was particularily sad, I asked him to not tell me what he was going to to with it, because once you hurt them you have to kill them. And earlier in the week Little Ian and Rick found a rabbit that had been half eaten, I managed to not see that as well, thank god.
Well I'm gonna go shower and get prepared to depart.
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