Better together
2006-05-24, 11:52 p.m.

12 days has passed since my last entry...
and what to say... i am currently making dinner, and yes i know it's nearly 11 30 at night. i got stuck at garage until after 10 (and most likely not being paid for the extra time) darren and i are at peace once again, doing ever so well. we spent the weekend in claresholm. we went to a wedding. the bride's grandfather gave a speech that brought me to tears, once again realizing that my beautifully spoken grandfather will not be speaking at my wedding. it's crazy how much i miss him sometimes, it almost hurts. but the wedding was nice, we danced a bit, which was like the highlight of my year. a boy who can two step... and well. sunday we didn't do much of anything. but around 10 or 11 we went down to our bridge, and toked and sang around a camp fire (despite the province wide fire ban)
yesterday we both woke up nauseus as fuck and soo exhausted. so darren called us in sick to doug, due to some 'bad chicken' we slept until 11 or noon. and went shopping, darren bought an ipod nano (im thinking this is what was purchased instead of my inpending engagement ring...) and that hurt like fuck, but i had to swallow it... he gave me his old ipod in return. and also bought me a bunch of clothes. he also paid for all the groceries... his guilt (i assume) turned out to be a big gain for me. because i had no milk, bread or pretty much anything other than PC brand crackers (BLECH) so yeah. the day went really well, we got along really well. and as darren had been saying all weekend he said it was time for him to go and get a haircut, i argued of course. and then gave in. and he promptly changed his mind, saying he might miss his long hair. haha the power of reverse psychology. im glad we called in yesterday. it was such a good day,i'm glad we spent it together.
i'm back working for the landscaping company. i work alone all day (i can't decide yet whether or not ilike it) watering lawns, i just move sprinklers around. it's not bad for $11 an hour. i do get fairly wet and dirty though. but im sure if i stopped being lazy and actually turn the hoses off before i tried to move the sprinkers, i would stay dry. but hey, i'm being paid by the hour, i might as well make it take as long as possible. so the my company shirt that was mocking me, a while back is out of remission, and yeah i beat the shit out of it for making me feel bad. so im in the process of screwing rona over, i can't bring myself to call in and tell them i found another job, but im just waiting to see how many times they call me and ask where i was... i didn't show on friday and they called my cell twice and left a message. i'm hoping it will be that easy tomorrow.but i of course, as always, have that little bit of nervousness, the same question i am constantly asking myself, what if i regret it, what if i wish i was working at rona later in the summer or when i go back to school... who knows... i have to toughen up sometime and learn how to make decisions. the benefits of landscaping do outweigh rona though, working outside, NOT doing customer service, just listen to music all day, the work isn;t that hard, in the SUN, off at 5, home before 6. get the weekends off to spend with darren... it sounds good, doesn't it?
and big time drama has erupted at garage... riley, who is one of the biggest bitches i've ever know, has just informed everybody that she's 7 weekes pregnant, and will be having an abortion... and she has proceded to tell another girl, who is 5 monthes pregnant, and keeping the baby, that she was going to punch her in the stomach. quite a big threat, even for such a big bitch. i never liked riley much, but fuck, i've lost every ounce of respect for her. apparently, she doesn't even love her boyfriend and he treats her like shit. it's kind of weird sometimes, to be the girl that most of the other girls trust. i have a lot of bizarre knowledge of all the 18 year old girls at garage. well im in the process of downloading like mad to fill up my ipod to take to work tomorrow, although im not counting the battery lasting me through the entire day, so i of course will have my trusty old school discman.
mmm dinner is done, and now i go to bed

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