tonight's the night the world begins again
2006-02-26, 11:16 p.m.

honestly, i don't understand how some people can move so frequently. we've taken 4 loads of crap over to our new apartment. And it's sooo tiring, my arms are so sore. Even with Kevin and Roe helping us (thank you boys!!), which means the amount of trips are cut in half, it takes forever to empty the truck, and by the end, you have sweat dripping down your back in your coat, but your cold as soon as you step outside, feels gross. I guess living on the 3rd floor of a walk up building will help me get in shape. hehe. I'm thinking in 3 weeks we'd like to have a hose warming get-together of some sort. But I've taken so many boxes of stuff out of my room, and it just feels so damn full. I can't even imagine being able to empty it. I guess this is how I know I have waay too much frikken stuff. And I havn't even packed up my clothes yet. Fuck.
It's not quite as traumatic as I've always had it built up in my head to be. It's my last night in the house I've grown up in, and it's just like I'll move my bed, and go to bed at our apartment and wake up there, and life will continue. But I can't help but wonder how long it's going to take us to unpack. Most of Darren's stuff is over there, but mine... well is mostly still not over there. And there are boxes everywhere. I would call in sick to garage tomorrow, but I get paid and I need to get my schedule so I can tell Rona when I can work... And in 2 weeks we're going to Claresholm.
I got my first paycheque from Rona on friday, with my vacation pay added in, I'm making $9.50 an hour, which is AMAZING to me... When I saw that the money was direct deposited into my account I felt like I should call and thank somebody for giving me the money. It's pretty exciting after being broke for so long. And my cheque from garage tomorrow should be decent. I finally think I have all my scheduling sorted out between the 2 jobs, it's honestly something I stress out so bad over to the point of losing sleep. My stomach has been so sick for a week. I'm kind of surprised I havn't had any headaches.
Well it's a night for crazy cats, Izzie broke a picture frame. And the kittens tried to explode the house, they knocked over a gerry can, half full of gas. We were walking up the sidewalk, and i was like uhhh I smell gas... And we noticed the door was propped open... and the 2nd door that darren had taken down, was back up and we were like whaaat the fuck... And yeah the people upstairs had to go down there and open the door and stuff. It was kind of scary for a minute, it musta been really scary for them, cuz they just heard a big bang, and then they smelled gas... And one of their friends threw up. pretty scary
Well Darren gave me the big bedroom, without a fight even, i think it's cuz he realized he'd have neighbors right on the other side of the wall and he couldn't play guitar (we'll see if I can live with the guitar...) and there is some sort of squeeking animal across the hall from us, our cats may mysteriously find their way across the hall for a visit. muahaha. but honestly, fuck you can hear the thing through 2 closed doors. and from the ground 3 floors below.
Well I should go try and pack up as much more as I can. I can't imagine there can be that much more to go. I tried to thin out my stuffed animals, I thought it would be easy, But I'm way to sentimental. How sad.

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