2 weeks until moving day
2006-02-14, 11:44 p.m.

Just a small update:
I got hired at Rona, starting at $9.35/hour. This is excellent, but for the time being I will have to work at Garage as well because neither place can give me full time. But I'm already stressing about balancing the shifts out. I think for once I will be adequatly trained, which I think will make life much easier for me.
We got an apartment!! At Southland, which is what we were holding out for all along, as of this afternoon it didn't look like we were going to get in, and we were all worried because we had given up the other places offered to us. We're so happy, and I'll be able to walk to Rona, which is soo cool!
I'm so broke right now, I realized I had much less than I had though. And I havn't gotton a mastercard bill, and I know I owe them a lot, but if I miss a payment they up my interest rate on the money they paid onto my visa. FUCK. I have nooo money to give them. But I do get paid from both Rona and Garage on the 24th, so I'm pretty happy.
Darren bought me a giant red polar bear for valentine's day, as well as the Biolage smoothing milk shine I've wanted for monthes and monthes. What a doll.
I'm so in love.
I may sometimes want to be somewhere else, but I know that i don't want to be anywhere that's not with him

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