2006-01-21, 4:05 a.m.

It's 4am. I'm wide awake, sitting here smiling to myself in my own private hysteria... This will be unlike my normal entries, it will be short, informing my few friends, that Darren and I adopted 2 little kittens. We picked them up last night after they were neutered from the SPCA. Darren's is orange-ish and named Satan (go figure... but he said I can call him Sadie if that's more appropriate) EDIT Jan 22:His name might be changed to Pumpkinor Sweetie. And mine is grey, named Rico, (from the Matt Good song "Rico was a short man, wants to live with a long haired girl," and people who knew me through high school, and perhaps my first year of college if I have to admit it, know why I like these lyrics so much...)with a white stripe right down the centre of him starting from right inbetween his eyes, it looks like he's wearing a tie, and the tip of his tail and his paws are white too. They're pretty wild at this point, climbing everywhere, knocking over plants, using Kevin as a ramp when they see necessary. Pictures will come this weekend sometime, i've taken soo many of them, but seeing as I am archaic (and cannot spell) they are on 35mm film instead of digital, and I'll have to get a disc with the photos on them when I get them developed. We are thinking of having a 'meet the kitties' get together in the next little while, get together some people, have some drinks, whatever. Stories as well as the many many pictures are to follow -And as an edit, I have gotton a job, after being bullied for an entire evening about how anybody without a job doesn't deserve any respect nor to have any faith put in them etc etc etc. It's lovely to show up at near-strangers house in tears. Some boyfriends... But I'm not going to go into this or I'm going to become infuriated with him again But I got a job, after being politely informed by Garage at Market Mall that they wern't hiring, and not so politely by Stadium Nissan that they were still interviewing, meaning they didn't want me, yes I actually called up on my resumes, which felt lame, but it kept me from being yelled at... But Garage at Chinook has deemed me worthy enough to attempt to sell their clothing line. We'll see how this goes, Darren's prediction is that I won't like it. But I have to come up with $900 for a damage deposit+rent in a very short amount of time. To sum this edited section up... I *heart* Ralph Klein and our $400 cheques... And I want a digital camera.

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