my future mother in law saw me throw up
2006-01-04, 11:29 p.m.

It's been 9 days since my last update I just realized, so I have about half an hour to bore my readers with my most recent occurences. First of all, and most saddening, is that my parents house sold, so me and darren will be starting to look for a place together in the next few weeks, I'm both very excited to bring our relationship to the next step, but I'm scared too, that I'll miss my mom, and my cat. But I guess this i a major life change, and a bit of apprehension is to be expected.
New Years was alright, nothing too major, me and Dare went down to Claresholm to celebrate with Mike and Kevin (I always mention the 2 of them together, but they're not a "pair" I'll have anybody who's wondering know) We played Mario Cart, Darren and Kevin kicked mine and Mike's asses. And the rule was every time you screwed up you had to take a drink (a sip, not have an entire bottle of something), and say you were in 5th place, you would have to take 5 drinks, after one round I was to have 13 drinks and Mike was to have 12... I finished 3 coolers in total, was fairly drunk, but more in control that I usually stay (ie. No crying) We went on the roof and smoked cherry cigars kevin dragged a computer monitor and some speakers in the hot tub room, so we watched the 40 year old virgin, but it was too hard to concentrate while so drunk, and darren kept taking my bathing suit off. So then we had some new years sex. i woke up the next morning and around 8, and proceded to puke my brains out until noon, the stomach pains got so intense that darren went to get his mother (she's a nurse) who inquired about my period regularity as well as bowel movements, and she also saw me throw up, all of which is quite mortifying now, but at the time I was in just so much pain i didn't think anything of it. So eventually they decided that I had best be taken to the emergency room, so we stayed there for a couple hours, I finally stopped puking and managed to sleep a while, turned out to just be acid reflux. but jeez, rough day!
Today was the day that i would have gone back to school... It was kind of a weird feeling, I fully intend to go get a job this week, But I'm scared, of not getting hired and then getting shut down and being afraid to try anywhere else for weeks. But I guess I should just put lots of resumes out, and I guess that makes for more chances. Right now my main goal is to work at Stadium Nissan, but I need backups, lots of em. So then I guess Metro Ford..
HMV STILLS owes me some money, it's been over a month since I worked my 2 shifts there so I finally got a hold of pay roll today (after Calvin insisting that my money was direct deposited) and they said that he never reported my hours. Fucking asshole. I hated him to begin with, but fuck!!! Is this his way of getting revenge on me? If this money doesn't show up quickly, he's going to have a large problem on his hand (as I told darren earlier, and he said "just one hand?") But i don't work for free, and I refuse to let him get away with this...
I spent today and Yesterday with Pen, and this makes me quite very happy, female interaction is soo nice, especially her. And last night her me, darren and kevin all hung out for a while, i don't think I've ever been so offensive in public before, this old couple sitting one both away from ours in mcdonalds was more than a bit offended i think, but we were talking about A LOT of things... that aren't really nice things to be talking about. Mostly sexually related. It was a good night, despite an overly loud shitty quality sound system blasting in my right ear giving me a headache.
I havn't had any time by myself in so many days, that by the end of the night comes near, I'm afraid to be alone, I don't know what to do, and as much as i want to have some time alone, to do my laundry and shave my damn legs, it scares me too.
So I guess this week I need some confidence, to get myself a job.
And I've also made myself a few new years resolutions.
1)Be nicer, especially to darren, because I figure at this rate, at this time next year my new years resolution will be "find a boyfriend"
2) Find a job I can actually enjoy and stick to it
3) Get my 240 running or sell it for a reasonable price
4)Get into univeristy
5)be easier on myself, which includes, going to the gym, losing weight and gaining self confidence.

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