No lunch or breakfast!!
2005-12-06, 1:02 p.m.

Well here I am, sitting in a computer lab at school, and as much of dork it makes me feel to be on diaryland in public, I don't really have anything else to do. I read through some of my old entries, from about a year ago, and I can't help but fel like I've lost the depth to my writing, maybe because I'm so busy I don't really have as much time to think about things anymore, but I don't know, it's somewhat disapointing to say the least. I just gave my Gilmore Girls presentation in my Psych of Gender class, I think it was OK, but as I was reading in front of the class, I couldn't help but fear all of a sudden that none of my information was relevent, oh well. It's over and done with. I have a debate next class, which I just finished (this I know isn't very good or relevent, but my group doesn't care, I don't honestly think that media causes violence, it is merely correlational, I suppose I'm representing the wrong side of the debate) It's nice to have almost everything over and done with, do my mid terms and I'm home free for a couple weeks other than a few shifts of work per week. I obviously didn'y make it at HMV, but I think somewhere I knew I wouldn't, I'm not really sure what I had to prove to myself by going back there. I made it 2 shifts, and just couldn't handle it, the anxiety was too bad, and everybody needs a day or 2 off per week. Working every day plus going to school is just too much. I felt bad putting them out a person, they are losing people like mad, I suppose they should try paying their stupid minions more than 20 cents above minimum wage, I'm fully trained, and they were going to pay me something like 7.30 an hour, that's bullshit. I didn't work for 20 cents above minimum wage when I was 16! I'm making 8.50 at the portrait studio, and although it's chaos now, It'll calm done a lot in a while. I was alone last night and it was pure CHAOS, and I was embarassed to have fallen so far behind (what do they expect though, leaving a half trained person to take care of everything) but I did alright, but nothing balanced at the end of the night, and the debit machine wasn't working properly and I screwed up the receipt printer, under other circumstances this wouldn't have been ok. But I think I did alright. I'm all alone tonight, I guess I just need to stand my ground, no passports after 6, and no walk in apppointments, I feel guilty and am too nice to people.
I'm kinda of tired of looking back and seeing all my ridiculously long entries on here... I guess it's partially because my lines are short, but still... well I'm starving. I'll go hang out somewhere else now.

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